Cryptocon and the Free Masons

Bifurcated Judaism (Crypto) invented Free Masons to recruit and indoctrinate Goyim in the destruction of their own. It’s worked fabulously in DC and throughout the world.

Goyim can be easily transformed Satanic (inverse hermeneutic) to attack their own favorable to cabal indoctrination in the bifurcated Judaism METRIC hijack that with the help of Mason networks collapses the rule of law. The current local example of how this works is ONA victim, Sylvia Marie Flores (Redlands, 2013). Others regionally were Cheri Jo Bates, Corinna Novis and Laurie Lynn Partridge.

Once established in the mainstream (eg Scottish Rite, Mormon church, ONA, etc.) METRICIZED Goyim leadership bait the public on any number of humanitarian projects, further acculturate communitarian socialism (1800), and commence Crypto’s transformation mission creep to genocide the public (pop culture). Most Goy snuff raptors (William Suff, Richard Allen Davis, Joseph Edward Duncan III ANAI) were controlled by Crypto’s Mason elite.

Crypto makes prolific use of the hijack triptych to con, double bind, and inevitably culturally and physically destroy targeted populations via radical activism (eg Yom Kipper), an example of which was Mountain Meadows. They do this all over the world, but this example serves the interests of the local reader who can challenge any LDS missionary with this information readily available online. They flee reality, so this is a good way to chase them off, God forbid you let them over your threshold. Once inside your home they commence soul marriage to your spouse and female children.

LDS claim Mountain Meadows was a mistake and misunderstanding, the reality of this horrific 27 year engineered event their 1700 mile geo cartographic of a lightening bolt that marked the four major movements of Mormon US theocratic occupation (Kirtland, Nauvoo, Independence) akin to sharia complete with human sacrifice of Christians at flash point, Mountain Meadows. Bring it up, they won’t talk about it except to proclaim Joseph Smith as a prophet and maybe even hand off a picture of George Hodel c 1924, prime suspect in the Elizabeth short murder.

A current example of Crypto radical activism is SB227. With a death fall of 6 infants per 1000 vaccinated, Goyim are being easily baited to the destruction of their own children placing value not in vetting this macabre legislation for reality but in the official report that was manufactured to conform the need for this by Crypto controlled Mason assets, typically paedophiles, who we already know derive pleasure from torturing and raping children.

Goyim gullibility and insouciance make them easily preyed upon by their status conscious and power seeking Mason METRIC peers, the latter servile and eager to please their Crypto masters for an opportunity to SKIRT children and young women. If you need convincing read Ted Gunderson, the Franklin Cover Up, and the circumstances surrounding the death of former Senator Nancy Schaefer.

Paedo/paeder is the catalyst for Crytpo’s indoctrination into this cult of Satan, the real and pressing function of the Mason METRIC to identify, perfect and install SADOPERVERTS to leadership. Remain lulled into a sensuality stupor by these sociopath Satans and you can kiss humanity goodbye, the likes of Order of the Nine Angels administrators Gary Even Baugh, Carey Davis, Mike Ramos, John McMahon, Ted Alejandro and Sun Telegram your inheritance of domestic macabre in perpetuity.

Satanic kills serve two purposes: to resource LDS eugenics black mass these demons telegraph in their temple architecture and to pledge solidarity among sadopaedophiles and sadopaderists. These are the worst of the worst, their preoccupation with death rewarded and satiated for their contributions to Crypto’s immense shadow government of macabre.

It’s beyond belief America, or people people anywhere, could be this stupid, but this is the reason Crypto invented the word Goyim in the first place. Any population Crypto comes into contact with descends into these hellish circumstances baited to oblivion on one hijack con or another the inevitable transformation the destruction of one culture that is replaced by another.

Typical of forming a mercenary army, Crypto has learned to recruit the dirtiest and most foul individuals they can find using the Mason moniker as a noble and humanitarian magnet to attract people seeking status and power that will enable them to prey upon their peers.

Goyim populations bred and acculturated stupid naturally produce these, Masons and LDS lofting them to preeminence all the while suppressing and censoring intelligent leadership via their reform triptych.

The advantage Crypto has on the American mainstream is degeneracy bait, all the while these METRIC sociopaths are educating their own to avoid same. They do this from the cradle. The mainstream does not subsequently falsely taught that to do so would undermine a peaceful society.

A Satanic society is one that has capitulated reality and indulged itself in debauchery. Is this America or anywhere else in the Western World? It is, people led to these circumstances by leadership that was recruited, placed and sustained for it’s predisposition to sadopaedo/sadopaeder. They masquerade in the public patting children on the head, some of these actually targeted rendition victims 15 years in the future.

You don’t get people to turn on their own least they are highly motivated to do so by some abject perversion of human character. Recruit perverted leadership, you will get a perverted society. This falls of deaf ears on Goy populations the reason for this very much in vogue with Crypto’s perception of the mainstream as impulsive and non thinking herd animal which gives correct meaning to Orwell’s Animal Farm.

Stupid is it’s own self perpetuating moment in the cosmos, so once people are there, they are there for an eternity, Crypto preeminence the substance of those who have figured out that gullibility is man’s worst nightmare, Masons and their LDS cohorts before the fact, mainstream Goyim after.


US is being destabilized, the local issues a manifestation of the exercise of occult will in competition with rule of law.

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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