Free Masons in a Nutshell

I will forgo a detailed narrative describing the origin of this macabre organization except to say Masons date unofficially to about 1350 and officially to 1500 parallel with 1530 secession of the Church of England from the Vatican.

The Free Mason compass and square are equinox and solstice, their G logo identified with 7 triptych derivative of the eight primary stars of Orion. Masons are a Bifurcated Judaism Orion construct and bait recruitment and pledge elite solidarity on sadoperversion and the bearded Aphrodite.

Scottish Rite and LDS are Mason satellites. These are the assholes that perped Cheri Jo Bates, Laurie Lynn Partridge, Corinna Novis and Sylvia Marie Flores. LDS elite, in collusion with their ONA administrators, SKIRTS perp three thousand+ Selenes annually in the US and use these in sentimental black mass breeding rituals productive on their satanic bloodlines. They have attempted over three hundred thousand of these since 1900.

Don’t kid yourself about what you are dealing with when engaging a conversation with Mormon missionaries. LDS are the demons who in 1857 sacrificed a wagon train of 140 Christians at Mountain Meadows and subsequently dismissed this as a mistake and misunderstanding.

Ezra Taft Benson’s 1999 Mountain Meadows commemorative was encrypted with a straight line cartographic identified with Cat Claw Canyon setting up a point of contact with Montserrat, Spain, home of the Black Madonna AKA black mass, the message to LDS elite who could read his cipher a celebration in the macabre of Selene SKIRTS sentimental breeding.

For those of you who do not understand SKIRTS, this is a variation of the Jew term skrits, the former an acronym for:


To quote Thomas Monson, “We know what to do…” Here’s what he was talking about.

Masons create a priest class that subordinates rank and file members of society, in particular they suppress intelligence. This forms a noble class within the community targeted for occupation. LDS do the same thing.

They recruit and install leadership that identifies with sadoperversions and use this to pledge debauchery further penetrating domestic infrastructure with a racketeered METRIC that networks regionally (ONA), nationally (Scottish Rite) and internationally (Illuminati) in competition with the rule of law.

Locally, they are responsible for abductions and sacrifice of young women and children and sentimental breeding of satanic bloodlines they are developing to replace the mainstream with a Selene bred and cloned elite.

They are radical, the meaning of this their disposition to attack the status quo with their hijack triptych, and ruthless in that they magnify medieval on anyone of influence that opposes them. Robin Williams referred to them as, “... evil evil evil!” This is triptych code for 666.

6, hence evil evil evil= 666

The beast is Selene and refers to their sentimental bred black mass bred bloodlines.


Masons install puppet governments and usury economic systems and make use of war to genocide populations they wish to be rid of. Long as the public remains unwilling to think, no one is immune from their Bifurcated Judaism Crypto mission creep.

They will flood any region targeted for occupation with an underclass motivated to usurp and displace the indigenous and replace whatever domestic infrastructure remains with their own pirating cohorts.

MERC insurgents themselves are eventually disposed of to be rid of them, too, as are their assassins and Crypto controlled syndicates that temporarily hold the public at bay while Crypto installs it’s fascist government.

Goyim (non Jew races) are easily baited to Mason prevarication out of a desire for visibility, power and resources they are offered to betray their own, the symbol of their priestly powers boldly displayed by status trinkets they bear to the public, typically the Mason compass and square.

While you may believe civil leadership you have elected to office is the brightest and the best, that LDS are God’s chosen, be aware Masons no not recruit the brightest and the best. They recruit, groom and debauchery pledge scum, people who are willing to circumvent the rule of law in Crypto/Mason mission creep to displace and destabilize the status quo.

If you are not a Jew, you are Goyim. That’s a herd animal, those who rise above this status rewarded for betraying their own with Mason racketeered resources inclusive of children for a paedo/paeder fuck and disposal. If you do not rise about this status, you are educated stupid and impulsive in a culture of chaos and irrationality so you are easily exploited.

FUCK the Mormon church!

These sick ass wipes stalked and attacked one my children. They identified her from birth records, made an appearance at our door feigning missionary crap. One of their elite Melchizedek made a move on my then wife, my daughter the target of their provocation.

I didn’t learn this until 18 years later when after they attacked her in traffic they stalked her at the university she attended, Sylvia Marie Flores sacrificed at the time university police were alerted one of their public safely officers was stalking her.

Here’s what they were after:

esi_sod melissa@DUMB FUCK AMERICA… WHEN YOU JOIN THE MORMON CHURCH THIS IS WHAT YOUR ARE GETTING INVOLVED IN. YOU ARE COSPONSORING DOMESTIC TERRORISM, and the LDS church is affiliated with Watchtower, the Lutheran church and B’nai B’rith.

Go back up to paragraph three, line two, Laurie Lynn Partridge. This young woman was perped by the LDS and sentimental bred to Spencer W. Kimball. Their black mass son is Pastor Steven Anderson.

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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