Sadoperversion the Catalyst for Mason Indocrination to the Elite METRIC

Sadism is the tendency to derive pleasure from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others. Paedophilia is sexual feelings directed toward children.

Sadopaedophilia then is the predisposition to satisfy a desire to harm children in which sexual pleasure is derived. That’s easy enough to understand.

What people overlook in these circumstances is children who are trained by sadopaedphiles to perp sadoperversions on others at will examples of which are LDS Whistling and Whittling Brigade (WWB), Danites and any ONA cohort administrator that taps sadopaedophilia in production of a SKIRTS or snuff abduction. Redlands ONA is an LDS led function of international Free Masons.

San Bernardino administration is populated with sadopaedphiles a good example of which is Sheriff John McMahon who named his children (encrypted) after the Brotherhood of the Snake. Why this indemnification of character if he were not a sadopaedophile? Is he not attributing occult macabre to children? He is, just the public doesn’t see it, because people aren’t trained to read his triptych cipher.

McMahon is no stranger to occult government, his initiation into the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s department realized on his involvement in the snuff killing of Corinna Novis (1986). McMahon’s snuff training is the same as Ted Bundy which started in childhood. Bundy was trained by his CIA uncle. God only knows what McMahon’s demon connections are.

While one might argue Novis was an adult and therefore in no way was this related to sadopaedophilia, what the researcher needs to understand is McMahon was groomed during childhood- as a child- to engineer and perform this type of targeted kill by handlers who themselves were sadopaedphiles, McMahon their proxy.

Since McMahon went along with this as a child, one can predict he is in fact a natural sadopaedophile. People of conscience would never do this. We know McMahon is an ONA cohort and that he participated in the abduction and sacrifice of Sylvia Marie Flores. Such an attack is a racketeered felony, albeit because Flores is believed to have been stalked from birth, it is fair to say this crime was motivated by sadopaedophilia.

Sadopaedophiles are important to Crypto (Mason, Scottish Rite, LDS) destabilization of American culture and are recruited for their willingness to perp racketeered crimes for which they are rewarded with sadoperversion resources. This researcher predicts a black market snuff library in the possession of every elite ONA cohort affiliated with Scottish Rite and LDS, including John McMahon.

The point to be made here is sadopaedophilia is not exclusive of an adult that seeks pleasure of any type from the torture of children, but rather these very evil characters do in fact resource their desire for such gratification by using children to attack others generally, hence LDS WWB.

Like Mountain Meadows, LDS dismiss WWB as child’s play. In fact this nefarious institution in sadopaedophilia by proxy sent many children and adults alike they targeted for death into local riverbeds and buried anonymously in the desert throats slashed, gutted and ritually celebrated, today LDS dismissing these circumstances on their mistake and misunderstanding thesis the same way they do Mountain Meadows.

It’s like Ted Gunderson (Franklin Coverup) indicated, up to late 1970s police would never have allowed such circumstances to flourish, this type of crime subsequently escalating to epidemic abductions numbering in the tens of thousands per year completely at the will of local government. That government is owned and operated by Scottish Rite Masons and LDS elite, their masquerade any number of humanitarian mask they wear to convince the public of their solvency with the constitution.

Crypto doesn’t follow the constitution. This Bifurcated Judaism ideology never has and never will. In fact, California is now coming under control from Crypto via it’s League of California Cities, an encrypted logo for California League of Cities AKA CLOC, or CLOCK, the correct idea being this acronym actually refers to the backward rotating Jew clock in  Prague.

The significance of such a logo is identification with subversion that when one considers the real meaning of SB227 it’s patently clear this movement is directed at infanticide and subsequently genocide of the California public, this state thus acculturated not only to the macabre of human sacrifice, but to medically assisted child sacrifice which so far is uncontested.

John McMahon set his deputies up for a fall to preserve his reputation against the allegation of his involvement in the Flores abduction, hence Francis Pusok. McMahon has bolstered his public image by making it appear he does not approve of this kill which displaces his own involvement in SKIRTS trafficking for torture. News will propagandize his character unaffected, people subsequently dismissing his perversion on the official records produced by Crypto populated and controlled FBI.

These monsters parade themselves noble Mason METRIC when in fact Goyim traitors such as these are among the dirtiest of mankind for their willingness to betray their own for a disposable fuck with a child. METRICS are notorious sapdpaedophiles and sadopaderists, and they will do whatever they are told to periodically indulge themselves opportunistic to indulge without accountability for their crimes.

Crypto Masons can only survive via the paedo catalyst what population they rely entirely upon to pledge solidarity in perpetuity.


10 minutes after posting this missive online, residential raptors networked with the sheriff’s who are stalking my family ceased their noise dosing activities. That’s funny as hell, their magic v my generation of information that can name them for the public partly to make people aware they are training their children in the art and science of sadoperversion.

Remember Ted Bundy started his training at 10, these freaks of nature performing the same “tuning” activities with their own masquerading Norman Rockwell in their manufactured version of reality.

These local monsters have us under surveillance 24/7 and have hacked into my computer and cell phone typical of a Crypto retaliation on my October 2012 letter to Thomas Monson that he perped Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner.

We live in a Mason coven community populated with raptors that service ONA’s abduction and retaliation agenda. Much of this research is lofting on observations of this community, in particular periodic haunts during which individuals will make simultaneous appearance in the alleys and disappear on cue.

The numbers are high on these events involving as many as 40 people during a single event. These practice sessions prepare them to perp disposable communities they use to preform rendition services for Redlands ONA, the example discussed very likely the method they used to perp Sylvia Marie Flores.

A few minutes ago, at 12:56 PM, John McMahon sent me a response to this missive which I published online at 11:00 AM. He’s got a biker here that regularly buzzes my rental unit on 13 by revving his engine then killing it as he rolls by. I caught one of these fucks one day and nearly got him arrested, but Redlands police let him go soon as the biker showed him his ID. He was undercover police.

The fellow of today’s 12:56 PM appearance raced his motorcycle engine on approach to which our upstairs neighbor, also affiliated with the sheriff’s department, ran to their sliding glass door, opened it and stepped out on the patio opposite the driveway where the cyclist then revved his Harley Davidson full bore as he rolled past. The decibels inside our rental unit topped 140 dB. 12:56= 32/Scottish Rite Masons. This biker is perverted, which is the subject of this missive, his behavior confirmation these METRIC psychopaths are scum.

Paedos all have in common a false sense of immortality. This fuck came racing up the driveway one day unknowingly directly into my opening garage door which sent him fleeing abruptly left. Property management organization subsequently installed sliding garage doors to cover for this METRIC. He’s an alpha, the money they spent on this project enough to have built several small new homes.

This is the freakish culture of macabre born in the heel of California’s humanitarian mission creep, to vacate this state setting it up as a reserve, Californians to stupid to see what’s coming at them. This region will be unpopulated by the year 3000.


Interesting day. This afternoon I was intercepted at the gas station and Grocery store by a couple of nationals having children with them totally uncharacteristic of the tough guy look they were bearing. I have interacted with this in the past. Crypto shield’s itself with children same regard they abduct and torture. In this case, both of these sheriff assets were making use of children opportunistic to provoke me, using them as a shield and to manufacture a defense when police get involved. Cops in the tank with Crypto follow the METRIC which in the example given they would allege protective of their little ones to attempt to cast the victim as the prep. Throwing a child in the mix makes it easier to rendition the target. What they don’t understand is the mortality issue with Paedo. They falsely believe they are immortal and would survive such an assault to do a police report.  If I am attacked, that ugly SOB is going to hit the ground hard.

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