Mason Perversion of Intelligence

Thinking requires both analysis and reason to process circumstances. The brain is wired to assimilate (take in) and accommodate (make room for) new information. On this basis, we analyze what we do not already know and find a way to memorize it. Analysis is linear, reason reflective.

When you join a Crypto fraternal brotherhood (Mormon church, ONA, Scottish Rite, Illuminati) you relinquish your natural right to think and behave independently, but you are also rewarded for doing so with a network of people who will racketeer your need for resources so long as you remain solvent with your elite gang. This means you will progress through developmental levels, the further you go the more corrupted your intelligence becomes.

The three primary levels of the Masons, the Blue Lodge, develop character which makes them a favorable organization, but these fall short of a corporate METRIC that is more the nature of the Scottish Rite. Corporate does not follow the rule of law, and those recruited to it’s service are systematically transformed administration, politics, assets and assassins. Scottish Rite is national, Illuminated Masons International.

While the Blue Lodge remains the bulwarks of US Masons, this organization is being circumvented and displaced by regional ONA cohorts that are establishing preeminence locally motivated to do so by by scum administrative leadership that is populated with sadoperverts. I know this is true, because Eckankar is a Mason enterprise, the education this entity produces more to the character of the Blue Lodge. ONA is a felon racketeering human trafficking organization engineered akin to the type of presentation manifest on Mountain Meadows in 1857.

Mountain Meadows perfected the destabilization template used by Scottish Rite and LDS today and is the core operating system integrated with Redlands ONA. While this may seem like a complicated process, it’s really not. Crypto lays bait, children, for sadopaedo and sadopaeder. Perverts take the bait. These become leadership, and they are willing to do whatever they are told to remain in good standing with their Crypto masters. The bait become a staple, and pledging debauchery seals such sociopaths to the brotherhood in perpetuity.

Human intelligence requires individuals be able to think and act upon their own senses. This produces civic mindedness that naturally competes with the Mason METRIC. Elite OSI Masons operate on a hijack triptych they do not deviate from which accounts for their prolific lying to the pubic, the latter thus trapped in circumstances in which they attempt to moralize on the constitution to no avail. Crypto OSI Masons are taught they are superior to their own race, are rewarded with resources to confirm this, and pledge debauchery and do maintenance on same to prevent redaction.

Perversion of intelligence is formulated on a leadership that is better described as anti- social and about as close to a working model of the anti-Christ one can imagine. Christ is intelligence, Satan the inverse of this, Crypto’s ISO masons therefore a Satanic organization principled on sadoperversions, practiced on the public and institutionally effective on the decline of American domestic infrastructure.

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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