Tribe of Judah, the International Triptychcon

“Free Mason” is a humanitarian logo con engineered to influence you to believe this fraternal organization is about proletariat freedom. LDS is the same con, these letters themselves a redirect to Manson square L, compass D, and serpent S.

Fact is Tribe of Judah (Bifurcated Judaism), the origin of Free Masonry as a fraternal organization, is Amorite, the tribal lion logo also a con to convey to the public the idea they are about nobility. Both of these ideas are false.

In reality, Masons are racketeers, slave makers and predators, their organization driven by a hijack triptych, that too celebrated on the LDS logo, what three point agenda radicalizes normalcy opportunistic to control populations targeted for occupation.

Once established in domestic infrastructure via their destabilization template, they seek out, recruit and promote to leadership people of a predisposition to absolute psychopathy and sadoperversion.

People thus drafted (Satans, Judas Goats, Judas’, etc), commence inversion of trusted relationships with indigenous willing to betray their own the reward for which are resources to gratify their desire for METRIC power and gratification of perversions, rank and file below them distemper and compensated psychopaths.

To date, Masons are divided into three broad categories: Order of the Nine Angels (regional), Scottish Rite (National) and Illuminati (international).

While Blue Lodge appears to remain the foundation to Mason radiation throughout the world, ONA has superimposed itself upon local administrations and performs such tasks as SKIRTS rendition, assassinations, and management of local assets (Watchtower, Lutheran church, B,nai B’rith,WWB, Danites, street felons, etc.).

The argument for Manson prevalence upon an otherwise naive community is people are unwilling to think (analysis and reason), their own preoccupation with local debauchery (chaos and irrationality) setting them up for exploitation by a greater predator. Christianity did not subdue this behavior in the mainstream the character of which is easily diffused via baiting to exotic food, indiscriminate sex and degenerate entertainment.

The argument against Mason predominance is the predatory nature of their elite who are involved in human trafficking in kidnapping, paderasty, paedophilia and sadoperversion, generally, the purpose of this to motivate them to maintain their fraternal pledge. This works, because they are constantly in predatory mode, people they recruit to maintain their occupation mission creep pledged in perpetuity the consequence of which for redaction is death.

There truly is something wrong with mainstream DNA. People will heard when confronted with a regional disaster. They will seek out help for personal issues on a temporary one to one basis, but they will not organize into constitutional think tanks to secure themselves from a predator. It is an understatement to say that America capitulated on Mason corruption. Americans themselves had to have been of the nature to be seduced by this demon to go there.

This population will posture God BLESS America! morality feigning a fight with Mason Satans when they realize they have been duped, but they will not set a shield to prevent their transformation on the Bifurcated Judaism Mason hijack triptych. The reason for this is they are placing greater value in leadership that betrayed their trust to protect them while in reality these traitorous monsters are walking them from the farm to slaughter, an example of which locally was Sylvia Marie Flores.

For the uninitiated, when baited, and you really do need to recognize when this is happening, Crypto is attempting to divert to a location or circumstances opportunistic for rendition. When such a cue emerges in the daily affairs of the targeted entity, they are simultaneously organized to intercept their target on any straight line course they have determined will make a good alternative rendition plan. Either way you are being baited to your own fate, the correction for this the 1st, 2nd and 3rd amendments.

The Tribe of Judah is an Amorite Triptychcon, that species of humanity that herds it’s lessers via racketeering, enslavement and predation. If Americans remain unwilling to figure this out, fuck’m. Scottish Rite and LDS rationalize this behavior to be agreement by default the consequence of which is when Americans do wake up they will be in Hell they were warned would be their inevitable fate.

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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