ONA/STAZI John McMahon

Sheriff McMahon operates a police community of violence that pledges solidarity and celebrates ONA accomplishments on SKIRTS sacrifice likewise practiced nationally by the Mormo church commencing 1857, today’s version of this macabre mistake and misunderstanding demons like him bullshitting the public he alleges to serve and defend the constitution. McMahon is an ONA STAZI rendition asset.


This researcher journalist is not DSM diagnostician, what knowledge is shared in this missive obtained from sources I am familiar with via my career as a graduate level certificated educator.

I have experience working with psychologists and developing IQ and personality profiles on handicapped children. I know how these tests reflect on behavior and what to expect from individuals who manifest on a baseline what attributes of thinking are typically closely allied with normal and non normal behavior.

I am acutely aware of narcissist personality disorder, both pathological and METRIC (not identified in the DSM), and I know how to describe this in an intelligent and non diagnostic manner which lofts the diagnostic thesis. In my research experience this label is not attributable to felons shielded by fraternal brotherhoods, although this assertion falls outside my area of expertise working with children.

I became interested in forensic psychiatry five years ago when I learned LDS elite were SKIRTS stalking one of my children. These challenging circumstances produced one dead Sacramento Sheriff detective and sustained around the clock stalking and harassment by San Bernardino Superior Court, a cohort LDS Melchizedek mind fuck Magi, LDS affiliate sadoperverted Jehovah’s Witness assets, and a plethora of street felons in occult rendition mission creep to attempt to snuff me, John McMahon fully aware of these circumstances, because this is his project.

The point of all of this has been to produce a deadly confrontation with me in order to fulfill this racketeering crime syndicate’s rendition goal on my daughter. Scottish Rite is the alpha in these circumstances, LDS the local administration, and John McMahon, the subject of this missive, an ONA rendition asset subordinate to Gary Evan Baugh as is Mayor Carey Davis.

What I have to say about McMahon is brief. I would like the reader to know also two of his assets, one an employee of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office, the other a psycho Melchizedek, directed deaths threats at me during my attempt to throw off their rendition activities on my daughter.

This leadership dynamic is conflicted with the public, the Mormo church a front for human trafficking in SKIRTS black mass sentimental breeding at rate of 3000+ Selene breeders annually in the US. Baugh is a rendition drac, and in these circumstances the person in control of San Bernardino administration via his affiliation with the Redland Scottish Rite/LDS ONA. Temples are set up to thus control the communities in which they were built in like manner. This is a feature of the repatriation function they serve for Crypto.

LDS Melchizedek made his remarks in writing 11 September 2013 anchored on the abduction and sacrificial murder of Sylvia Marie Flores, a person who I had no knowledge about at the time he made this threat. He likewise boldly signatured LDS involvement in this crime via encryption. Had he been able to follow through on having me murdered, this would have linked numerically to the Flores rendition, this type of behavior typical of LDS engineered felonies.

Again, and I am saying this often in competition with public naiveté’ and dependence upon official reports that make their decisions for them so they do not have to think for themselves, the Mormo church is a corporate eugenics SKIRTS black mass sentimental breeding enterprise what true and absolute mission creep in the US is population saturation with their manufactured satanic bloodlines, and I suspect John McMahon is in fact a black mass product. It would not surprise me to learn ONA asset administrators are likewise a drac culture of sentimental bred demons.

John McMahon participated in the kidnapping for for torture of Sylvia Marie Flores and manufacturing of official documents to falsely describe this murder as a crime of passion. McMahon is a rendition asset for Redlands ONA administrated by Redlands
LDS temple boss, Gary Evan Baugh.

This is a statement of fact and is confirmed by the placement of Flores’s body juxtaposed in a key location upon the Redlands 2.7 mile ONA geo-cartographic. All McMahon can do is claim he doesn’t know a thing about this, albeit the obvious condemns him. Flores also interacts with Brittany Drexel via triangulaiton cartography on Laurie Partridge in Spokane Washington that a dead beat that sits in front of his computer drinking beer and jacking off all day would have neither the resources nor intelligence to pull this off.

This corrupt sheriff is a liar, his hand in producing a phony investigation relied upon by the Sun Telegram, another party to Redlands ONA, media coverage of this horrific event controlled entirely by the sheriff’s department with LDS oversight the point of which was to telegraph in a certain way to the public that Flores was in fact an LDS temple commemorative. This telegraph was the location in which Flores’ body was placed on Almond Avenue.

What is to be understood here is this manner of organization on a crime of this nature identifies itself with the murder of Cheri Jo Bates (1966). Bates was cloned with at least one such product identifiable via their triptych cipher, this individual’s appearance also linking her to Bates. In Flores’ case, ONA is believed to have taken tissue samples and will clone her as well at some point in the future. Clones are biracial to avoid public recognition between the victim and the product.

Flores’ relocation to Almond Avenue in Redlands after her sacrifice formed a straight line cartographic with the Redlands LDS temple and Melchizedek controlled Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs. The fourth point on this cartographic was TDC my daughter’s University of Redlands off campus student housing residence. They were after her like a game animal based on her birth cartographic, a perfect and extremely rare Orion. This was what LDS to out door in 1993 in the first place.

Bifurcated Judaism is an Orion construct as are all of this Amorite’s subsidiary fraternal and religious institutions around the world. Crypto/Mason membership is pledged to a subversive priesthood that in the end has absolutely no regard for the constitution or the Bible, and what occult activity involving paedosadism is a statutory requirement for elite status. John McMahon is a METRIC (LDS/Mason) narcissist psychopath as are every one of his Redlands ONA cohorts, Gary Evan Baugh their administrative chief.

John McMahon attributing Flores murder/sacrifice to a crime of passion is Noble Cause Corruption typical of Scottish Rite/LDS malingering with human sacrifice. They crypto engineer and kill and then manufacture official records to corroborate a false narrative of their crimes. The correct psychopathy term for this behavior is Pseudologia Fantastica, or pathological lying, just in this case it’s a bit more complicated and falls on a baseline of co-occurring behaviors typical of a METRIC compensated psychopath.

McMahon falsified Flores disproportionate to any discernible closure, his lying
extensive, convoluted and lasting. This is typical of Redlands ONA administration and their assets, they having sold out their public to METRIC resources inclusive of involvement in their disposable sadopaeder fuck pledging. McMahon may be fooling some of his deps, but not all of them. Corruption is corruption. If they smell it and stinks and then deny this, there’s something wrong them, too.

This sheriff is not rational and should be removed from office immediately, the only reason the mayor is keeping him there their affiliation via Redlands ONA and their mutual interest in sadoperversion typical of Scottish Rite/LDS elite. McMahon is obsessed with power, his determination to set up his own deputies (Francis Pusok) for a fall a manifestation of his preoccupation with personal inadequacy.

McMahon had to stage deputy involvement in a false flag kill to preserve himself against allegation he was involved in the slaying of Sylvia Marie Flores. His public redress of these men props him up as a dignified law enforcement officer, which he is not. He is a prestige and status junkie and will not ever acknowledge the damage he did to Sylvia Marie Flores (2013) or snuff starter project, Corinna Novis (1986).

In my alternative universe, McMahon never made it to his first election. In fact, he never made in this universe, either. He was appointed his first term, a rigged opportunity for Scottish Rite/LDS elite who wanted him placed, because he’s highly rated among his occult cohorts as a sadopervert same as Ted Bundy was before he lost the ability to follow an Orion abduction scheme. According to official records, Bundy perped a confirmed 30+ victims, independent researchers taking the numbers easily to 200+.

Scottish Rite and LDS are the catalyst for foreign penetration on national and state governments in the US, these organizations recruiting sadoperverts who pledge human sacrifice and child debauchery out of a psychological predisposition for macabre. Their comedy humanitarian front is always the constitution, the tragedy backdrop to these theatrical charades malingering in occult sadopaedo and sadopaeder in the mix with a public that is being acculturated to tolerate this.

San Bernardino’s nine community leadership stanchions are every one of these a sociopath METRIC covertly pledged and practiced on such projects as Sylvia Marie Flores, and they have no intention of throwing this 100+ year Fascist project to repatriate in the trash. Their destabilization template is in place to do exactly what is happening in San Bernardino at this time. Santa Cruz is going through the same exploratory transformation process aggrandizing League of California Cities need for STAZI administration to control people there as well.

San Bernardino is under siege from Crypto and it’s child molesting/child sacrifice pledged ONA leadership cohort and will remain so until people toss this agenda driven
anti constitutional out, permanently!

For those of you who believe Gary Evan Baugh is incapable of such heinous, diabolical and wicked crimes, do relieve yourself in his presence when you know Thomas Monson is responsible for the 26 May 2013 Heaven Night Club abductions in Mexico City. This was an Egyptian retention sacrifice for his dead wife, she too a relationship front to his more odious involvement in the Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner SKIRTS abductions. THIS is Gary Evan Baugh.

Team Crypto will eventually come up with a pasty, this horrific ritual crime originally having been engineered to mystify the public in perpetuity similar to Jack the Ripper. The Ripper, like Zodiac, was a Mason project with several elite pledging debauchery on human sacrifice, one of these Lewis Carrol.  Carrol is the father of TE Lawrence via Mary Ann Nichols, curbside renditioned black mass. Regarding Mexico City, the Mexican government is collaborating with the LDS, their leadership, too, formulated on Crypto’s Mason Metric. Sadopaedo is a statistic that can be recruited from any race on the planet.

The more secrecy, the more covert, the more captivating on the mind of the public, the more powerful the drac culture that perps such crimes. The coercive magic in such circumstances is trauma bond with the perp, even when this entity is stealth, example given Crypto Bifurcated Judaism’s Scottish Rite/LDS sadoperverted ONA leadership locally.

I say this often, and it falls on deaf ears, the reason they are getting away with this is
American preoccupation with LOL Kewl OMG LMAO degeneracy. This is the behavior of a prey species, and the citizens of San Bernardino are in fact being preyed upon by Redlands ONA.

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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