Flores/Seven Deadly Sins

I am by no means an expert in psycho forensics, but it’s interesting as hell how this works.

Regarding how this presents on Flores via the Scottish Rite/LDS, there’s crossover between victimization and sadoencryption the nature of which is both damage to the individual targeted for destruction and a celebratory telegraph to elite cohorts who can read the cipher.

Encryption services the special language needed to communicate culpability to a mixed audience most of whom are RF/LDS members and the public whom Scottish Rite/LDS elite regard as too stupid to perceive their involvement.

Flores presented as an occult engineered kill thematic on the seven deadly sins. Her placement on Almond Avenue in Redlands keyed her to the Redlands Mormo Temple on 5th and Wabash both cartographically and using their coveted triptych cipher, thus:

Lust/9 Sylvia Marie Flores/1, South Wabash Avenue/7 and 5th Avenue/3; 911=2

2 cues to Genesis 6:2 in connection with 27, 7 Scottish Rite/LDS Orion Predation. Katherine Finchy Elementary School triptych ciphers 9, what number combined base nine with 2 produces another 2, hence 2 and 2.

7 occurs twice in temple and adjacent church zip codes 92374, so we have 22 and 77, hence 27 and 27, the Scottish Rite/LDS Orion signature twice confirming Sylvia Maria Flores as an LDS/ONA SKIRTS rendition. This is dually their encrypted celebratory telegraph and Tau (99= 66) intercept on their Pythagoras base nine cipher.

New questions: Does this theme progress 1 through 7+ 1 TDC, target 7+ 1 TDC identical victims, or produce a reverse order making Flores the 7th of eight victims in this macabre serial SKIRTS rendition project? Huge questions. We have to spend some time looking at psychopath motivation to begin to work this out.

Psychopaths demonstrate emotional abnormalities such as shallow affect, lack of empathy, incapacity for love, lack of guilt or remorse, lack of fear, and emotional processing and response deficiencies (author secured from retaliation).

Also, these individuals are unable to express themselves in a range of emotion typical of their unaffected peers. In McMahon’s case, his emotional freeze (unusual description) is a stoic facial expression which he compensates for by opening his eyes wider when he tries to smile. He’s effected through no fault of his own for a couple of reasons.

McMahon was either born this way and suffered a brain injury at birth typical of black mass delivery, or he was damaged in childhood via MK training for this future. Either way, he’s a programmed killer and robotically serves the occult affairs of the ONA cohort of which he is a member, hence his contribution to the manufactured records documenting Flores as a crime of passion in his official recorded of this horrific crime.

At this point it is appropriate to name the Melchizedek administrator at Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs, Arlan Anderson, the individual San Bernardino Unified permitted to use a dead rubber chicken and rubber face mask to discipline his kindergarten and primary students during the 1988- 89 school year at Lankershim Elementary School in San Bernardino. At that time Anderson was allied with another career administrator and district psychologist.

The previous school year the former lost a discrimination lawsuit that forced her into retirement, she his civilly unlawful 1988-89 site documentation resource in their attempt to have my credential revoked on manufactured official documentation that competed with my complaint also that this district was harvesting students from regular education to populate their special and alternative education classrooms for a head count for federal funding, which is human trafficking, and of course they failed to produce a hijack on my credential.

Racketeering, slave making, predation, spying, psychological destruction of dissent, unlawful surveillance, kidnapping for torture, destabilization template, it’s all here, key LDS alphas now understood to be Gary Evan Bough and Melchizedek cohort, Arlan Anderson, both of whom to which McMahon subordinates.

Prediction on the routine they are following re 7 Deadly Sins= this construct works backward, so there will be 6 previous victims on this project, two of whom were Cheri Jo Bates and Corinna Novis.


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