Gabriela Calzada and Briana Gallegos: Crypto (Scottish Rite/LDS) Halloween Christmas Party


The subject of this missive are Gabriela Calzada and Briana Gallegos 28 October 2015 body drops at Ernest Debs Regional Park in Montecito Heights, California.

Let me put this forward clearly stated as possible so the reader fully comprehends what has happened to Calzalda and Gallegos.

LDS is retaliating hoping to deprive this researcher of family as punishment for having voiced and written views that argue with LDS philosophy as a fraud, the real purpose of this religion it’s SKIRTS black mass sentimental breeding campaign principled on Genesis 6:2 and to perform this task in perpetuity as a Mason Orion construct.

Punishment involves stalking throughout the community, 24/7 residential noise dosing, and periodic killing of innocents in proximity to family also targeted for rendition based on birth cartography identified with Orion.

The Mormo church is networking this punishment/kill campaign with HUD and DFEH via racketeering with Scottish Rite and LDS controlled offices, which is how they identified Calzada and Gallegos for this particular kill. There is no law in blood atonement in California in these circumstances. Calzada and Gallegos are but two of three now connected to LDS mission creep to force compliance on their macabre agenda of sentimental breeding, the rule of law and those who are aware of this be damned.


This narrative acknowledges Gabriela Calzada (LDS triptych cipher 4) and Briana Gallegos (LDS triptych cipher 4)were raptored by Scottish Rite/LDS rendition asset, Jehovah’s Witness. Watchtower performs the same function as B’nai B-rith and the Lutheran church, the point of networking their SKIRTS slaughters outlier to remain stealth and solvent with the public.


LDS do not allow felons access to their church for the simple reason same would immediately recognize their racketeering activities and blow the whistle, so elite use alternative religions to field their need for street assassins. Least we forget Mountain Meadows (1857), religion is the perfect shelter for sadoperverts.

Calzada and Gallegos celebrate Scottish Rite/LDS occult preeminence in a little Halloween carnival side show AKA Satanic Christmas party of what’s to come in God BLESS America! They are pulling this crap off in broad light of day, the people collaborating these macabre circumstances the very same who are manufacturing the official records of these horrific crimes.

For those who are paying attention, Calzada and Gallegos are TDC the following three points:

LDS Church– 3845 Fletcher Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90065, (323) 344-8490

LDS Church– 6249 Kauffman Ave., Temple City, CA 91780, (626) 286-0222

LDS Church– 1057 W 30th St., Los Angeles, CA 90007, (213) 747-0497

This image will clarify what this crime looks like set up on LDS ley lines:

esi_cazalda gallegosThese victims were also placed perfectly aligned with alleged serial thrill killer, Izzy Ocampo, and are lined up perfectly on Ocampo’s Placentia Orion bow tie (a cartographic ley line grid denoting the Orion signature X):

James McGillivray/53, 20 DEC 2011, 140 N Bradford Ave, Placentia, CA

Lloyd Middauch/42, 28 DEC 2011, Santa Ana River, 91, CA

esi_cazalda gallegos 2With media’s inclusion of the intersection at Mercury Avenue and Boulder Avenue, Calzada and Gallegos forms a bold perfect four point straight line cartographic (SLC)… by mistake and misunderstanding.

Crypto= Scottish Rite/LDS identified religions, businesses, education, security, police, military, city and county officials in a racketeered network of leadership debauchery pledged to secrecy and solidarity with absolutely no regard for the rule of law and indulged with resources to maintain their treacherous manufactured relationship with the public.

That relationship can be described as fraternally programmed cosmopolitan rootlessness principled upon destabilization via their noble cause propaganda punctuated with periodic numerically and cartographically encrypted SKIRTS abductions featuring sadoperversion, sadopaedophilia, sadopaederism, the child sacrifice debauchery ritual, human sacrifice and sentimental breeding, the latter the Genesis 6:2 eugenics backdrop of the Mormo church in perpetuity.

All this is made possible by conning the public with language bearing an alleged humanitarian mission albeit vetted for reality is actually masquerading core patriation to an attitude and will to self-destruct. Perverted Scottish Rite/Mormo leadership gets to guide the process, the public following the bread crumb trail of fast food, indiscriminate sex and degenerate entertainment to a little happiness cabin in the woods that dead ends in the Twilight Zone of self-perpetuating genocide.

Are Americans stupid? Indeed they are. Possessing only a will to eat, fuck and party themselves into oblivion, their mindless indulgence in a lifestyle of debauchery has so debased constitutional humanity Americans are more correctly described as sapienrecividist the natural consequence of which for perpetual debauchery is the permanent loss of the ability to perceive reality, enter Gabriela Calzada and Briana Gallegos.

Local culture? LOL Kewl OMG LMAO. Like I said, no perception of reality. Just happiness addiction to a 24/7 party culture.


1 All images are to scale.

2 The Izzy Ocampo Bow Tie perimeter= 13 miles.

3 Dimensions TDC Bow Tie to Cazalda/Gallegos intersection and body drop in gully= 13 w/argument over 252′ ft unaccounted for but likely perp entity measurement error.

4 TDC Redlands 2.7 mile geocartographic ONA, Ocampo Bow Tie and Cazalda/Gallegos= 126 miles.

5 Gully= 7= Orion= Masons

6 Two in gully= 66= base nine additive sum 3.

7 God= triptych cipher 4; Jehovah= triptych cipher 4; Jehovah’s Witness= triptych cipher 4; hence 444= base nine additive sum 3. this is the same code Watchtower used to perp Holly Bobo.

8 Such crimes are perped on a META destabilization template, rational exclusive to Scottish Rite/LDS elite who justify such kills as the collateral sacrifice of the few to save the many. In reality such malingering with death debauchery pledges solidarity among the sick and perverted fraternal leadership of these organizations, the community at large one really huge heard of idiotbeast.

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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