Mountain Meadows= Tubal Cain and Regional 3rd Degree Master Masonry in Perpetuity

Like every Free Mason organization on the planet, LDS masquerades as a good works social organization. Here’s reality.

North America is a British Colony controlled by Zionist Khazar Mafia. Zionist Khazar Mafia= FREE MASONS. The Vatican owns the farm. The Queen is the farm manager. US administration= corporate puppet culture for the City of London, Mason pledged US politicians treasonous, minimally. LDS is sentimental breeding eugenics via SKIRTS black mass.

The Mason catalyst for solidarity is sadopervesion, and they have controlled such snuff psychopaths as Charles Manson, William Suff, Richard Allen Davis and Joseph Edward Duncan III.

With the Mormo church now understood to be a front for sentimental breeding SKIRTS black mass eugenics, LDS presidents and their elite administrations are among the most prolific serial killers on the planet at the will of their Mason handlers in the UK, and they are getting lots of felon help from Watchtower, the Lutheran church and B’nai B’rith in the US.

People in the mainstream laugh and giggle at LDS foibles and their stupid looking and unintelligent leadership, albeit this too is a masquerade. The more charmingly idiot they appear on the surface, the less likely the public will ever suspect they are the offense alpha predators on such notorious kill projects such as the recent Gabriela Calzada and Briana Gallegos (Los Angeles, 28 October 2012).

Stealth Mason cohorts are operating under ONA led by LDS temple presidents with lesser Scottish Rite/LDS administrative offices numbering between 9 and 18 which covers just about every domestic municipal leadership domain locally and provides plenty of resources to populate their SKIRTS operations regionally.

To say that the public is poorly informed, insouciant or even just outright lazy is an understatement. This is a DNA issue. Simply put, the public is just outright stupid and will very likely remain the prefect prey species for their predatory Mason betters.


The US was hijacked 1830 as a Mason cum Mormo eugenics SKIRTS black mass sentimental breeding project in perpetuity, LDS front organization allegedly invented by phantom Joseph Smith engineered to disarm the American public so people do not alert on projects like Mountain Meadows and every one of the tens of thousands of victims LDS elite have perped since – up to and including Gabriela Calzada and Briana Gallegos. There should have been a huge alert on these two. Nothing. Not even a blip.


That 1857 1700 mile 27 year in the making LDS lightening bolt – Kirtland to Mountain Meadows – is Satan deity, Tubal Cain (which LDS elite lie and claim to know nothing about), Mountain Meadows the human sacrifice event required to establish 3rd degree Master Mason control over the entire region setting a precedence also for rendition activity elite Masons must follow to retain their supremacy in perpetuity, hence eugenics SKIRTS renditions which LDS was designed for in the first place, their faith a racketeering con.

esi_tubal cainesi_zeus SOD2

SOD= Hijack/reform applications people are capable of both perceiving and vetting if and when they become willing to think, otherwise, bifurcated Judaism, in this case masquerading LDS, will take the planet, people in the mainstream everywhere ever convinced their “ha ha ha pee ness” is inexorably linked to the manufactured reality of triptycon predators.

There’s no catalyst for conscience except what Matthew promises for those who wish to truly comprehend the cosmos, specifically Matthew 14:22- 33. People will not touch this favorable to a sentimentality that will end up making it impossible for them to flee their predators.

Truth be known, Zionist Khazar Mafia do think, these monsters knowing very well the value of maintaining the public psychologically sequestered.


The Star of David= phony Orion construct and Tubal Cain the celebration of which was mountain Meadows via human sacrifice. According to LDS elite, this was a mistake and misunderstanding… Wrong. Judaism= Egyptian mysticism laced with Mithraism which is core Mason and LDS. Zionism dates to Akhenaten and is manifest in the exodus noble myth. It’s all a lie, bifurcated Judaism (Torah/Talmud) playing both sides against the middle. Mainstream was moralized as a control dynamic making it possible to heard people like farm animals so they would never learn to fight this. In the example given, people are not fighting LDS SKIRTS eugenics falsely believing this phony religion from hell is their salvation. Advice to those charmed by LDS bullshit con humanitarianism, convince Gabriela Calzada and Briana Gallegos.


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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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