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Re PCR The Punishment Society


I misunderstood you to be pro Israel for some reason. Huge mistake at my end. Apology @conscienceguilt. I read your narrative. Total agreement.

esi_hobgoblinMormon (4) and Moroni (4) are triptych derivatives of Mormo (8), the latter identified with the eight primary stars on the Orion constellation, the hobgoblin the origin and of the of the dread, fear and apprehension cum fraud, racketeering and felony abduction institutionalized via elite Free Mason prevarication in the use of hijack and reform triptychs and the Tubal Cain Vulcania (human sacrifice).

What I am about to share with you is so bizarre it fails the reality test even in my own mind, but this is a true story.

I am a former R2M certificated educator in California. I did a Master’s degree and was bound for school administration when I hit an obstacle in 1988 that I knew would be the end of this career goal. Ultimately what was abandoned as a career path played out in a Scottish Rite/LDS Twilight Zone scenario the only explanation for this was Divine will.

1988-89 I worked for a very strange second year school administrator who covered for a substitute teacher that struck one of my students during my three day sick leave. My students told me what had happened when I returned, and of course I went immediately to the school principal (denied the allegation) and district administration (also denied the allegation) to make an official report of this incident.

Human resources immediately threatened my job if I reported this, so I went to the next level, which was CPS (denied the allegation was reported and reacted in hostility when I requested to file a mandatory report). These people did not want this report in this child’s records, because the district, I thought, collaborating with county mental health, was profiling the victim for alternative education. There was nothing wrong with him.

Conflict over this incident ensued, and I resigned at the end of the year on a harassment settlement that issued favorable to the victim as well. Unknown to me at the time, my union appointed attorney was a Free Mason which presented in conflict of interest in his representation of me defending against the District’s harassment campaign.  Regardless, that should have been the end of it, but fate would bring this administrator and I together again in what I can only describe as a Divine path to expose this monster and his church involved in ritual sacrifice of children stalked through the school system to adulthood, which I now believe to have been the reason they were flagging the boy in my classroom.

It is my understanding this district would have eventually handled him to rendition in early adulthood the example of which was Sylvia Marie Flores (2013). The school administrator to whom I am referring is a Melchizedek. Elite Melchizedek are principled on Tubal Cain and must follow through on the Vulcania the example of which in the US was Mountain Meadows. This set a precedence for all subsequent LDS SKIRTS abductions in the US, Americans none the wiser, because LDS elite dismissed this as a mistake and misunderstanding, and Americans took the bait in perpetuity.

In other words, these extreme and radical sadoperverts are stalking children through the public school system and taking them for human sacrifice after leaving school. The key to understanding how this worked on Flores was where they placed her body after they killed her. This location forms a four point straight line cartographic with the LDS temple in Redlands and Katherine Finchy Elementary School (KFES) in Palm Springs. There’s no question about Flores having been an LDS Vulcania project. This is what they do, and the American mainstream is letting them get away with it stupid in the idea that LDS (L= square, D= Compass, S= Brotherhood of the Snake AKA Mormo) are God’s chosen people and subsequently unchecked by the rule of law.

This school also the location of the Melchizedek I confronted in 1988 at Lankershim Elementary School in San Bernardino. There were actually two children featured in this conflict. Bobby Brown and Ernie Buris. The occult connection to be made her is easily understood by a complex mind, which is why I am confident sharing this with you.

Bill Clinton made an appearance at KFEH 15 January 2013, the commemorative date of the death of Elizabeth Short on 15 January 1947. 2013 marked the 66th year of Short’s death, this number identified with their Pythagoras triptych cipher and telegraphing to their elite that Flores was the Vulcanian sacrifice when they placed her body on Almond Avenue in Redlands.

I believe Flores was stalked through the school system from birth by the Mormon church based on her birth cartographic which in combination with that of Laurie Lynn Partridge (Spokane, 1974) forms the base of the order if the Nine Angels seven point star logo. See immediately previous missive ONA/Vulcania. If correct, Short and Flores begin and end the creation of the Redlands 2.7 mile ONA geo-cartographic anchored on the Redlands LDS temple, Flores anchored on KFEH and  commemorative on Short in connection w/Clinton’s appearance there 15 January 2015, with lots of LDS perped SKIRTS murder and mayhem between.

There were to have been two other victims on this project, one of them my daughter who was harassed by University of Redlands police during her education there setting her up for a tag team abduction. These monsters masquerading as benevolent leadership targeted my daughter’s birth chart as well. She’s a very rare Orion, LDS having presented at our threshold two years after her birth I now believe to initiate their SKIRTS stalking campaign on her which followed her to University of Redlands. There is no doubt huge money on her rendition, if they can pull it off.

My daughter’s birth cartographic would have formed either the left or upper right part of the ONA logo, her roommate the compliment.

So why Orion? The answer is very simple. LDS is a Scottish Rite Mason organization constructed from the Orion constellation same as the Masons are and the foundation of both of which is bifurcated Judaism (Torah and Talmud, oversimplified for this discussion).
What is becoming dangerous here is Gabriela Calzada and Briana Gallegos (Los Angeles, 28 October 2015) appear to have been Vulcania sacrifices as well, these victims bodies placed 13 miles from my daughter’s home in the Los Angeles area. I am sure San Bernardino sheriff John McMahon is spitting all over himself over these two much as must have been the case when he initiated on Corinna Novis in 1986.

There is no public alert on these circumstances. It’s true what they say about American apathy. There’s an unprecedented pathological block to these issues, people seemingly as oblivious to reality as Mark Dice is pointing to in his research. Why? How can people dismiss these circumstances out of mind like they would a low budget Sci Fi thriller? Good God, people interviewed re Hillary Clinton didn’t even know about her work in congress. They were just all happy like they were celebrating a child’s birthday party.

How do you get through to people? Even the folks I advocate for now will not form parent cohorts to shield their children from corrupt district procedures that sabotage and undermine the law. Parents know this is happening, which is why they come to me for help, superior court on the offensive over this and having advised me to take out my last will and testament (Bob Habel). Parents get what they want and walk away.

People want help for their one child only, to network some kind of adversarial and unethical social obligation that would disrupt their personal life with responsibility, the advocate to sacrifice all for their one child.

I am absolutely certain re Flores and the LDS. This religion is hellishly committed to sentimental breeding eugenics which is the back story on their religious masquerade.  The link to police brutality in the public school is Scottish Rite linked FBPO. These are Very dangerous circumstances for a free society.

People will read this like it was a Brother’s Grim fairy tale. It’s not. No part of this is made up. This is mainstream US, Americans so preoccupied with their baited addictions to fast food, indiscriminate sex and degenerate entertainment they are not paying close attention to what is going on around them. For the record, Sue Emmet redacted her LDS membership which should have sounded the alert. This is a brave woman the likes of  which are others like Belinda McKenzie in the UK and Author Sibel Edmonds. Know also Henry Makow on this subject.

Happiness is a disease that without being vetted for reality subsequently destroys the ability to think the consequence of which is the carnival side show the US has become, leadership as ghoulish as any evil imaginable that has ever lofted form Hell on this planet. Ignoring this will not make these freaks go away. Dismissal of the charges of involvement in paedophilia as was the case of former speaker of the House (1999- 2007), Dennis Hassert, will not make the demons go away.

Long as, “We the people…” remain divide by, “I the narcissist...” these issues will remain firmly embedded in the American sub culture of occult malingering with human sacrifice principled upon Tubal Cain and fully engaged such as was the case in the 2013 Scottish Rite/LDS slaying of Sylvia Marie Flores and recently of Gabriel Calzada and Briana Gallegos.  Know that with police stepping up to an IDF presence in the public schools, they are getting ready to mainstream Tubal Cain… by mistake and misunderstanding.

For those who are not yet aware, Elite Masons/LDS follow one simple philosophy:

…it is not the message that is important, it is our obedience to it.

I was told to follow through on documenting two children for juvenile justice regardless of their developmentally correct behavior in my classroom. This was to have been my initiation into their administrative cohort. I can only imagine what heinous crimes are engineered in this felon racketeering school district. Certainly Flores is an example locally, Calzada and Gallegos regionally.

Notes I

Brotherhood of the Bell

1 In the Brotherhood of the Bell, bell (4) is a variable substitute for snake (7), the former triptych formulated on the Orion stars Betelgeuse, Bellatrix and Mintaka, the latter likewise formulated on triptych encryption of the eight primary stars of the Orion constellation and telegraphed to the public as the Mason G (7th letter of the English alphabet) and 7.

2 I was initiated into this organization (blackmail, racketeering, fraud) without my knowledge to which I told every one of these monsters to fuck off. I never did their pledge, and naive as I may have been at the time, I understood very well their intention of destroying a child’s education to aggrandize some yet not understood occult mission creep.

3 It was my project that initiated elementary school physical education in this district from hell, BOE administration pirating this idea and simultaneously ending my administrative growth because I stopped one of their Mormo Vulcania projects on a male 6th grade black student completely networked with district administration.

4 I maintain that unless parents come together to end this nightmare they can expect to be regarded as nothing more than herd animals willing themselves to a future they will sorely regret.

5 MORMO= 46946= 251= 8 (base nine additive sums)

6 MORONI= 469659= 364= 4 (base nine additive sums)

7 MORMON= 469465= 769= 4 (base none additive sums)

8 Mormon+ Moroni= Mormo

9 MULEKITE= bETEgeUse+ beLlatrIx+ MintaKa; Other LDS ancient great societies are thus triptych derivatives of the remaining 5 stars of Orion, just they are more complex encryptions.

NOTES II Local Retaliation


2 13 October 2015 7:07 PM perv raptor structural double tap= 13 13= Mormo. Repetition on 11 September 2013 AW letter linking SMF to residential harassment.

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