Sylvia Marie Flores, the ONA Heptagram and Etiology of the LDS Tubal Cain Vulcania


Engineering the LDS Tubal Cain Volcania


DOB 08/27/1979

LDS ISO victim birth chart identified for perpetual SKIRTS rend via access to medical records

Orion geometry (compass, square, X) birth cartographic marks the victim for abduction

child stalked through medical records, into elementary school and adulthood and groomed to rendition 25 February 2015 commemorative on the completion of the construction of the LDS anchored Redlands 2.7 mile geo-cartographic heptagram ONA

Flores abduction falls on a timeline with Bill Clinton’s appearance at Katherine Finchy Elementary School (KFES) in Palm Springs 15 January 2013, this date anchored on the 15 January 1947 Elizabeth Short slaying in Los Angeles

KFES forms four point SLC with Flores via Redlands LDS temple in connection with University of Redlands off campus student housing

Flores abduction/slaying profiled as a crime of passion using a prearranged patsy what crime evidence is victim artifact found at location of perps alleged prior

Notes 1

Redress and confrontation with perp entities is shielded by official procedure that is designed to throw investigative process making it impossible to stop the civil rights violations, felony abductions and exploitation of people as products for use in macabre Scottish Rite/LDS sentimental eugenics breeding projects cum vulcania in perpetuity.

People easily baited to the front project the organization as a good works social institution while elite press their agenda to reinvent society bred to a specific female type, pledge solidarity via curbside and ritual human sacrifice and the child sacrifice debauchery ritual, and fill leadership positions with people whose own character lacking a moral compass sets the standard for and maintains corruption necessary to pull off lofting the black mass society in full light of day.

Manufactured reality of a scripted religion, honor pledging and the distribution and use of resources which aggrandize public pseudo dignity and mollify the ability to think builds an environment that narrowly defines human conscience and broadly expands physical infrastructures to permit saturation of elite satanic bloodlines into regions whose residents are completely unaware they are being displaced by an eugenics occupation surge precipitated by the ungodly human contributions of their own communities.

Goy are treacherous on their own people willing to take a buck and the status of membership in fraternal organizations in exchange for their services to a METRIC that requires them to racketeer and traffic in human game, enter such nightmare administrations as Carey Davis, Mike Ramos, John McMahon, Ted Alejandre, Gary Evan Baugh, and the San Bernardino Sun Telegram ANAI.

Notes 2

Bill/Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

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