33, the McDonalds Logo and the Ritual Slaying of Sylvia Marie Flores

The following message in the McDonald’s logo is an attempt to salvage this fast food behemoth from it’s fate as a flagging international business on the basis it has entered the mainstream of just about every country on the planet via a seemingly benign clown parading a food product that when your realize what’s actually going on with this ad campaign dieting will be an inevitability.

The McDonald’s logo is an Egyptian motif for Osiris, the golden arches the underside of the golden phallus of same. When you and your children are eating under the golden arches of McDonalds you are in fact performing an Egyptian ritual in an attempt to bring this deity back to life with a necrophilia sub theme.

es_mcdonaldsThe printed message embedded in the above logo convolutes reality and attempts to frame bridge the lesser charge of soft pornography in advertising to an explanation a team of McDonald’s attorneys no doubt came up with to stabilize what is otherwise a failure to sustain this macabre business in an increasing milieu of informed public. For those who are not aware of what is going on with this logo, the truth will surely set you free of your addiction to it.

FACT: The McDonald’s golden arches is the underside of the phallus of Osiris, Ronald McDonald himself a manifestation of the latter, the deeper encrypted message in this logo from hell the number 33.

PROOF: This little feature of advertising is called the triptych cipher and works in the following way.

619991 <note the serial 9 the equivalent of which in the occult= 6, hence 666
3 <this is the target number for engineering a name that would masquerade Osiris

Ronald McDonald
965134 43465134
3 <3= Ronald McDonald= Osiris

Racketeering Egyptian mysticism throughout the world not withstanding, the number 33 identifies the entity responsible for this fast food from hell, the Free Masons. One might be inclined to giggle and laugh figuring advertising sure enough pulled one over on the public. I have news for you. This is the same organization that engineered the Sylvia Maris Flores abduction and a thousand others like her, current examples of which are Gabriela Calzada and Briana Gallegos (Los Angeles, 28 October 2015), making local, national and international businessman’s associations a party to ONA activities in the Inland Empire.

For those of you who are die hard fantasy addicts and just can not bring yourself to perceive this reality, do the following:

1 Using a yellow crayon, on a white sheet of Xerox paper, scribe a large letter O for Osiris.

2 Fold the paper horizontally equally dividing the letter O into two parts. Separate the image along the fold.

3 Placing the half images on a flat surface, image up, round edges away from you, open edges toward you, slowly bring these together left and right, again horizontally, edge to edge, so as to form the letter M.

Osiris= McDonalds in a very powerful logo design that hails to an Egyptian ritual to revive the dead and is based on the human phallus. Of course you would never explain this macabre logo to your five year old, so why would you eat there?

Could you explain this this logo to Carey Davis, Mike Ramos, John McMahon, Ted Alejandre, or Gary Evan Baugh and expect to get respect? They are all Scottish Rite/LDS affiliated Free Masons. These are the monsters that asset perped Sylvia Maris Flores. There’s a META connection, but before we go there, know the named individuals work and play politics in the community in which McDonald’s was born, San Bernardino, California, and McDonald’s defines this location state of the art Vulcania.

2008 McDonalds was involved in test marketing a value meal product manufactured from pureed human fetus over seas. This international nightmare fast food giant was so determined to make this work, McDonald’s restaurants were prohibiting their female clerks from being pregnant in order not to provoke a workplace conflict of interest issue that would interfere in their plans to sell this Frankenstein food world wide.

Here’s America> LOL Kewl OMG LMAO, or I’m Lovin’ it!


Marketing and advertising know the value of sentimentality and how this works to endear targeted population to their products. In this case, the business entrepreneur wanted to celebrate Egyptian mysticism via a raise the dead ritual, albeit the public would predictably not be as inclined to outright sit down and eat under the phallus of a long dead Egyptian deity, hence the next best thing… Osiris masquerading as a clown. I’m fucking serious.

Likewise, LDS performed a similar marketing magic with the exception Mormo elite sacrificed human lives to commemorate their occult mission creep on the public (Mountain Meadows, 1857). Their god is Orion, the manifestation of this upon the public, Brigham Young and this monster’s 1700+ mile geo-cartographic of the Vulcania lightening bolt – that too a phallus symbol – Kirtland to Mountain Meadows, the latter this symbolic logo’s very real strike point.

Imagine an orgasmic release on the sacrifice of an entire wagon train of Christians and you have the correct idea about Brigham Young and every LDS president and his elite quorum that followed him in leadership. The mental attitude of rank and file LDS is that of a child sentimental on a faith that was manufactured in the French Revolution.

Orion triptych ciphers 6 (69965; 852; 6). However, the star of David, a secondary LDS motif (Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, Mintaka; Alnitak, Rigel, Saiph) triptych ciphers 1, hence:

Brigham Young
2997814 76357

Joseph Smith was a phantom, LDS elite currently in such a heat to make him real, they are using a 1924 image of George Hodel (prime suspect in the Elizabeth Short slaying) to attempt to frame bridge this phantom to reality typical of LDS malingering with human sacrifice. LDS elite are eugenics Vulcania predators, the public convinced of their status as Saints based on their invented front organization, the Mormon (Moroni 4+ Mormon 4= Mormo 8; triptych cipher) Church.

@gullible, poorly informed and insouciant America:

What the FUCK is your problem?

So far, are you lovin’ it, really? Do you have a conscience, really? Do you really fucking care? Most do not, the reason for this people have a predisposition not to think, the consequence of which will be a future loaded with macabre such as this, people doing stupid having become permanently stupid living one day to the next hopscotching around town eating stupid sadistic fast food and praying at stupid sadistic temples too stupid to to save themselves from the Vulcania predators that have learned to successfully bait them to macabre in perpetuity using stupid.

33= long exceptional service to the Scottish Rite/LDS Mason fraternal METRIC. What is the value of such an organization that on the surface passes itself off as a good works social club and at the core pulls off projects like Mountain Meadows, Planned Parenthood, McDonalds and Sylvia Marie Flores ANAI?  Mormo is a hobgoblin in German myth. Do you figure people will ever understand what this means? Remember, people have been acculturated ungodly stupid, so my guess is they will not.

The Mormo church can no more escape from it’s involvement in the Scottish Rite Free Masons than McDonalds can walk away from the reality that from the onset the latter was indeed a Canaanite introduction to the US mainstream begging the question, if this is Canaan, who are the Masons? Easy answer. Your first guess will be 99% correct.

The following FNCS mini will confirm LDS is in fact a Scottish Rite enterprise identified with Orion and has as it’s explicit mission the formation of a reformed society bred black mass to the exclusion of all who oppose them in perpetuity.


Note the position of the of word /of/ between words: a) THE CHURCH, b) JESUS CHRIST, and c) LATTER DAY SAINTS forming groups of 2, 2 and 3 words each, hence 322, the call number for Skull and Bones in plain sight:

        2                                      2                                           3                    = 223= 322

Removing /the/ from this logo produces the number sequence 123:

        1                                      2                                           3                    = 123

123 is Pythagoras triptych code 123636363 at T, and 123 intercept at S and U.

Remove /of/ also from this logo, and there are 32 letters remaining… by mistake and misunderstanding:

        6                                      11                                         15                  = 32 (Scottish Rite)

LDS elite can in no way deny these facts. They cannot be rationalized away nor can they erase this information from LDS history,  but they can continue to con the public. The public is stupid beyond the imagination which is how Thomas Monson got away with perping Natalee Holloway, Robyn Gardner and Heaven Night Club (retention sacrifice, Mexico City).

LDS perped JFK. We know this is true, because this assassination is featured in the 2.7 mile Scottish Rite/LDS Redlands ONA geocartographic anchored on the LDS temple on 5th Avenue along with a bunch of other abductions and murders, in particular Elizabeth Short, Laurie Lynn Partridge, Corinna Novis (John McMahon) and Sylvia Marie Flores.

Back to the LDS logo, the use of the word /of/ is also special to this logo:

66 <Pythagoras cipher Tau/Inverse Tau same as the Star of David

8x 2 (of featured twice and 8 primary stars of Orion and 8 triptych cipher base nine additive sums of same)= 16= base nine additive sum 7= Free Masons.

Word groups a, b and c are triptych cipher 9, 1 and 6 respectively, hence once again base nine additive sum 7, Free Masons.

In reality, the creation of the Mormo church had more to do with French nobleman, Anacharsis Cloots (1775-94), and printer Antonie Francois Momoro (1756-94), both conveniently guillotined as political insurgents. Note the year of the execution of these two men 1794 (3) and the year of the founding of the Mormo church 1830 (3). Two collaborators 1794= 33.

LDS came out of the French revolution as a US occupation project with explicit mission of performing eugenics sentimental breeding on the American public at a rate of three hundred thousand Selene Eves per century, these bred to LDS elite black Mass, another three hundred thousand Artemis sacrificed curbside the purpose of which has been to magnify a Satanic influence upon the former.

It is this researcher’s opinion that pewople have to be pathologically wired victim psychopath to know this and not immediately walk away and shield oneself from the LDS. Then again, people have been unnaturally slow to figure out McDonalds which the two of these in combination are pointing to an issue with population intelligence; Americans are by and large pretty fucking stupid!


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