The Tap Root of Planned Parenthood is the LDS Mormo Church

The tap root of Planned Parenthood is the Tubal Cain Vulcania, the only organization in the US to have openly promoted this the LDS Mormo church via Mountain Meadows.

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert’s attempt to block Planned Parenthood was an LDS engineered political triptych hijack the point of which was to make it appear the Mormo church opposes abortion when in reality the Tubal Cain Vulacania is core LDS project expansion.

Planned Parenthood FNCS ciphers 5= Orion/Miessa= shining one= the Shining Ones= Baal. This is the same murderous deity obsession as Tubal Cain.

This is proven by this occult organization’s 1700+ mile geo-cartographic of the Tubal Cain lightening bolt Kirtland to strike point, Mountain Meadows, a 27 year project in the making which in 1857 claimed the lives of 140 Christian innocents.

esi_tubal cain

This event marked the beginning of the destruction of US domestic infrastructure via human sacrifice, LDS leadership ruthless in their mission to replace indigenous post colonial populations with their Satanic SKIRTS sentimental bred bloodlines what Selene Eves have been culled from the mainstream since to the tune of well over four hundred fifty thousand victims through January 2000.

Planned Parenthood is the tip of the ice berg, LDS in the mix with the public conveying themselves as a good works organization (charm) what real and macabre purpose is sentimental black mass breeding (offensive).


Rank and file reject this outright and will vehemently defend Joseph Smith as a prophet. Here are two humongous lies Mormo has successfully conned the public with. LDS alleged to have an photograph of Smith that is actually a theatrical image of George Hodel (prime suspect in the 1947 Elizabeth Short slaying).

esi_joseph smith wpAlso, and this lie is even more bold than parading Hodel around as Smith, Mulekite, one of the LDS ancient great societies, is an Orion derivative of the words Betelgeuse, Bellatrix and Mintaka.

bellatrIx (I)
MintaKa (MK)


Lamanite, Jaredite and Nephite are also Orion derivatives, just the cipher on these words is a little more complicate to decrypt. LDS alleged Native Americans were the surviving Tribe of Laman, which was convenient, because Nephites were alleged to have been dark skinned (African) and were killed off in the middle east by the former, according to LDS, which is actually pretty accurate description of what Akhenaten did to the Hebrews (black race).

In reality, whoever narrated this fairy tale didn’t anticipate DNA testing that eventually proved the Nephite story to be a lie. What LDS elite were actually doing was occupation pirating not only the regions they colonized but the cultures as well substituting indigenous beliefs for their own manufactured reality the backdrop of which has always been SKIRTS sentimental black mass breeding.

For the uninitiated, today LDS use two primary tactical  methods with the non-Mormo public: charm offensive and the mistake and misunderstanding thesis.


Long as Americans remain gullible, poorly informed, insouciant and enslaved to willful stupidity, people will likewise go through this life one day to the next no clue whatsoever an enormous 158 (113, leap year equinox/solstice) year old snake has occupied their communities disguised as ONA networked LDS temples and is feeding off their young, Eve’s transgression, Genesis 6:2 on the inverse hermeneutic an inevitability in God BLESS America!

Those of a mind to look for the message below the surface, Elizabeth Short’s death of 15 January 1947= the 15th (6) day of year, 350 (8) days remaining. Calzada and Gallegos 28 October 2015= the 301st (4) day of year, 64 (1) days remaining:

64= 1, 81= 9

1 and 9= Orion FNCS base nine additive sums for Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, Mintaka, Alnitak, Rigel and Saiph= 1, and 2 (Genesis 6:2) and 7 (Orion FNCS)= 9. The telegraph in this encryption is LDS elite acknowledgement of involvement in not only the the Elizabeth Short and Calzada/Gallegos slayings but also Cheri Jo Bates (Riverside 1966), Laurie Lynn Partridge (Spokane 1974), and Corinna Novis (Redlands 1986).

I’ll say it again for the psychologically deaf and civics blind of this degenerate nation, the tap root of Planned Parenthood is the Tubal Cain Vulcania, the only organization in the US to have openly promoted this this horrific celebration of death the LDS Mormo church via Mountain Meadows.


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