Scottish Rite/LDS Free Masons= fraternal pirating culture (FPC). What makes this work is elite Masons spend their entire lives developing and practicing these very simple skills, the American mainstream acculturated to partying that does no thinking nor civics whatsoever.

Sycophant gate keepers like like Alex Jones harass the public pointing to mass ignorance of the issues when these alternative media buzzards know damn good and well it’s impossible to learn this stuff on a moment’s notice, which is sadistic.

esi_triptych base nine codeVirtually anyone can use these little power cells to manufacture whatever social engineering project one desires. All you need are a plan, CAST group and a 101st monkey.

Contrary to popular belief, Canaan was the socializer, Moses Akhenaten and a hijack press lofting the bearded Aphrodite as leadership in perpetuity, the masses truly the advanced species insofar as they understood and were willing to end this nightmare.

Sentimental breeding humans destroyed mainstream intelligence DNA, the current manifestation of this in the US Scottish Rite/LDS Black mass breeding Selene Eves to the tune of three hundred thousand per century since 1857.

LDS mule, Gordon B. Hinckley, confirmed black mass sentimental breeding in 1999 in his Mountain Meadows narrative dismissing this horrific Tubal Cain Vulcania commemorative event on the Mormo mistake and misunderstanding thesis.

Americans have fallen prey to a massive eugenics enterprise the only reason they are unable/unwilling to perceive these macabre circumstances their lack of practice in thinking in paradox by design.

US lost it’s civics navigation doing pop culture, wars and famines and such, Americans thus reprogrammed on a fiat system that led by their own people is collapsing domestic infrastructure principled on our constitutional republic, the replacement population seeded with theocratic SKIRTS black mass bloodlines that will rule all others as the new elite.

In this self-willing horror show, know that when the US falls to an SRM/LDS insurgency such as that is precipitated by language that refers to you as Goy, infidel and Jack Mormo, these terms rank every non Jew, non Muslim and non Mormo as an animal species. Reality here is dietary. Animals are food.

Every one of these psychotic bifurcated Judaism religions have in common the same perpetual superiority complex they instill in the thinking of their youth. Non-theocratic identified populations are taught to be stupid. Americans don’t make this connection, because they have willingly acculturated simple minded and falsely believe Jesus will save and God will punish those who offend them. It doesn’t work that way.

Do read Matthew 14:27 and Isaiah 41:10 and understand that silence in these circumstances is complicity in one’s own destruction and that the easier targeted populations go down the happier pirating SRM/LDS Masons will be for it.

There’s no salvation playing idiot for these monsters. Americans have their papers and will learn to use them, or perish.


For the record, LDS are telegraphing locally what they are doing, and people are missing it.

esi_deseretThe Deseret flag possess 13x stars x 5 each vertex= 65= base nine additive sum 2. This is an important detail rank and file Mormos are unaware of.

2 is a triptych inscription number for Genesis 6:2, their inverted pentagram in this case reference to inverse hermeneutic AKA SKIRTS sentimental black mass breeding that is reflected also in some of their architecture.

Blue and white encrypt 6 and 8, respectively and combined base nine additive sum also= 5. Six represents the lower upward pointed triangle on the Star of David, 8 the eight primary starts of Orion.


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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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