COG/Deep State

Rutherford Institute covered COG/Deep State with competence and simple enough that certain 10 year olds could read and understand it.

My two cents, unelected individuals and bureaucrats= corporate an example of which is the Redlands ONA and how this San Bernardino county Scottish Rite/LDS Frankenstein occult culture of madness stealthily practices on the public via racketeered SKIRTS raids correctly understood as a local investment in the building of the Architecture of Fear.

Shadow governments are a paradox, the only reason they exist people acculturated not to think. In this state of mind, such are invisible and remain so in perpetuity, because people do not possess knowledge or experience in vetting elected officials for their contributions to the corporations which make this possible.

America has thus fucked and partied itself into a corner the likelihood these circumstances will improve flagging against what we now understand to be a corporate driven colonial immigration surge that is promising to fully displace constitutional government with first a theocracy (to attempt to justify population reduction via genocide) and then corporate policy to eliminate the insurgents.

Worst of it all is the elite consider the taking of lives to pledge solidarity collateral damage, loosing the few to save the whole, which is a noble lie, Americans so full of religious crud a SYG movement would be fruitless.

America has been hijacked by Crypto and will be replaced by corporate. It’s that simple, the American public in possession of the aptitude for changing this only should people reassess and change their circumstances.

Remember, 2008 the American public chose a self-acknowledged radical liberal, Barack Obama (pit bulls are delicious), over staunch constitutionalist, Ron Paul, the difference between these two the colonial siege we are currently experiencing eight years later promoted by such pervert politicians as John McCain, Gary Herbert and Lindsey Graham.

Americans still aren’t figuring it out, which is pretty fucking stupid.


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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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