Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) 1994/SBCSD Stalking

This missive is dedicated to one of Sheriff John McMahon’s elite deps that followed me into Target in Redlands 10 November 2015.

You fucking pervert. I am not the enemy. Your boss, John McMahon, initiated professionally on Corinna Novice, is a Scottish Rite/LDS rendition asset, and you are a part of this by default targeting me for a confrontation. Fuck you, you scum piece of shit.

esi_mcmahon2Have you ever wondered why VAWA doesn’t protect SKIRTS sentimental breeding victims from Scottish Rite/LDS elite?

ANSWER: Racketeering frats don’t follow the law. Scottish Rite/LDS have a vested interest in maintaining occult operations involving SKIRTS principled on Mountain Meadows (Tubal Cain Vulcania), Genesis 6:2 (sentimental breeding black mass bloodlines) and fraternal pledging (solidarity catalyst) exclusive of any domestic or constitutional policy that would otherwise prohibit you monsters from even existing.

Frances Pusok was staged to salvage McMahon after knowledge of his (McMahon’s) involvement in the Flores abduction/slaying went public last year. This is an attempt to make McMahon appear to be solvent with the constitution, which he is not. He was frat initiated on Corinna Novis and has doubt had a hand in lots of other local abductions as well. McMahon is a pervert, and he’s allowing the Pusok case to move forward knowing full well these deputies were set up to save his METRIC reputation.

Isn’t this what happened to Jeff Mitchell in Sacramento? Are deputies really this fucking stupid they are all FBPO glory bound gonna sacrifice themselves for an insatiable rendition perp like John McMahon? You folks imagine you are going to go to FBPO heaven where the brotherhood’s going to somehow make up for all the damage this has caused here? Are you fucking out of your mind?

People read this falsely imagining these issues do not effect them. To the readers, you folks are advised to learn to think and to take a closer look at your own Scottish Rite/LDS populated city/county administrations. International Masons/Illuminati are networking human trafficking with National Scottish Rite and regional LDS/ONA cohorts commemorative on politician presentation at local speaking events.

Here’s a sample of what this looks like locally:


Bill Clinton/Palm Springs to Hillary Clinton/Napa
16 January 2013
> 5 November 2015
> 2Y 9M 20D
> 13


Sylvia Marie Flores/Redlands to Gabriela Calzada and Briana Gallegos/Los Angeles
25 February 2013
> 28 October 2013
> 2y 8m 3D
> 13


Don’t figure one moment Redlands LDS temple president Gary Evan Baugh and his macabre ONA cohort of administrative demons Carey Davis, Mike Ramos, John McMahon, Ted Alejandre, San Bernardino Sun Telegram and the San Bernardino/Redlands Businessman’s Associations are oblivious to occult rendition. Human trafficking is how they progress to leadership.


Enlightenment fizzles and fades you bastards very much the effect of the Drac culture of which you are a part of nationally via your FBPO affiliation, albeit you are a lot bolder than you used to be. You are not only aware of and ritually participate in these killings, you live and breathe the Mason HRS METRIC from hell motivated by a sick collectivist disposition to coerce sadistic prevarication against a hugely naive public… for a buck, you treasonous fucking sycophant.

Eventually the public will catch on. For now you are a stupid looking fuck pushing a shopping cart so out of place with your surroundings watching you follow this old man and his handicapped daughter is entertainment.

You are attached to culture of perversion twisted and warped on SKIRTS mission creep, and I am telling you, John McMahon and the public, you two ghouls can go back to hell where you belong.

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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