Sheriff John McMahon Lies



This missive issues in response to a Sun Telegram article from 6 February 2014 (embedded), 345 days from the 26 February 2013 discovery of the body of Sylvia Marie Flores on Almond Avenue in Redlands, California.

I immediately see a racketeering problem with this, although I also understand people are blind to the Polemic these monsters use to telegraph their crimes.

6 February= the 37th day of year, 1. This date= 345 days from the discovery of Flores’ body to the publication of the Sun Article, 3, hence 13.

There’s more on the numbers, but the  preceding gets the point across. For example, 6 February 2014= 27, McMahon’s obsession number and code for Genesis 6:2 (2) rendition perped by Redlands Scottish Rite/LDS ONA Masons (7, Orion).

Also, 25 February 2013, the day Flores was kidnapped, and 6 February 2014, each= 6, hence 66, code for Tau/Inverse Tau, or God/Satan (Pythagoras Triptych Encryption).

San Bernardino Sun Telegram is a rendition cohort of the Redlands ONA.


Finally, an article that describes Sheriff John McMahon’s true character. He’s a fucking liar and Scottish Rite/LDS ONA rendition asset. Think Corinna Novis and Sylvia Marie Flores and you have the correct idea.

McMahon is a Mormo mafia snuff perp and manages the Watchtower raptor who’s been working us since 31 October 2103. He is also directly responsible for stalking my daughter at University of Redlands 2012 shortly before he co perped Flores 25 February 2013. UR police were involved in this terrorist crime (documented).

The UR incident occurred on a calendar with Jeff Epstein’s appearance in Redlands September 2012 and Bill Clinton at Melchizedek controlled Katherine Finchy elementary School 16 January 2013,  the latter 40 days before Flores’ body was discovered in Redlands.

Satanic mind fuck McMahon is a member of stealth Redlands organization, Order of the Nine Angels, and initiated on Corinna Novis. He would never have won a fair election, so he was appointed his first term to give him status he earned working rendition projects for his LDS ONA brothers currently directed by Tubal Cain alpha, Gary Evan Baugh.

DA Mike Ramos stinks. Ted Alejendro stinks. County administration stinks. San Bernardino Superior court is involved in this via mediators God only knows what domestic terrorism crimes they have committed for a buck.

His current project (Francis Pusok) is an attempt to salvage his own character and career making it appear as though he’s a good works sheriff, the public having become aware he was involved in the Flores abduction in connection with the Redlands LDS Temple. He’s sacrificing his own deputies to do this.

Flores was a Tubal Cain Vulcania commemorating a political agenda involving two national politicians that included the 28 October 2015 slayings of Gabriela Calzada and Briana Gallegos in Los Angeles.

Sheriff John McMahon is a sado-pervert obsessed with the number 27 (triptych cipher for Genesis 6:2 and Orion/Masons) and his soulless ascent to preeminence at the will of his like-minded elite Scottish Rite/LDS ONA Brotherhood of the Snake (BOS).

San Bernardino Sun Telegram does very little investigative work on issues such as this, because this phony press media is in the tank with the McMahon’s Crypto Frat.

But of course this is all a mistake and misunderstanding typical of BOS charm offensive posturing, the public so sedated and mesmerized by the drama reality is lost on the good folks of Dark Shadows (San Bernardino).

Good lord, McMahon ran his endorsement list for three months and didn’t perceive the errors until confronted?

Excusez-moi. Monsieur de Sade, vous mentez!



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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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