Diane Feinstein

Given the thought that Diane Feinstein’s late husband, Bertram Feinstein, may in fact have been the Zodiac killer, let’s at least psychologically vet this manufactured politician for character issues involving righteous demon racism.

Let’s be clear about Diane Feinstein and her identification with racist ideology, Tikkun Olam, and affiliation with LDS linked felon human trafficking and paedo organization, B’nai B’rith.

Feinstein is a consummate sociopath masquerading good works behind the lie that Tikkun Olam means to build a better world. In fact, this term means “… for the proper order of the Jewish community,” exclusive of her constituents whom the largest part of she regards as animals as did her late husband, Bertram Feinstein.

Where does this snake end? She’s obviously linked also to the Redlands ONA and Gary Evans Baugh and no doubt has been involved in many of the crimes of this METRIC occult racketeering organization, including Cheri Jo Bates. Where would one begin to look? Good God, she’s got every Jew award ever invented.

If Bertram Feinstein was indeed the Zodiac Killer, Ms. Feinstein would have known this and is also aware his image has been scrubbed from the internet, for obvious reasons.

Thinking people would never have allowed this to happen – godless political leadership that has lofted on California so invested in the fantasy that Jews are a sacred race – ordinary people having completely lost their moral compass to Crypto racketeers and fraudsters the consequence of which is they are being preyed upon by the beast having clocked itself in the costume of constitutional leadership.


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