Polemic/MAG Encryption; Bertram Feinstein, Zodiac Killer

This narrative is convoluted due to the layers of complexity in describing the transformation of the meaning of polemic in connection with MAG encryption and how Crypto elite Scottish Rite/LDS (SRLDS) use domestic terrorism as a strategy of fear to intimidate and control targeted populations.

In a nutshell, we know people are easily controlled by acts of terrorism which generate a pervasive sense of fear and need for protection. Locally, SRLDS SKIRTS terrorism serves a frat secondary purpose to pledge elite membership via the celebration death typical of the Tubal Cain Vulcania the effect of which also motivates rank and file membership to host with leadership.

Tsade having been decrypted in the immediately preceding narrative San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon and Skull and Bones revealed racketeering that sets a precedence for a highly secretive and coercive corporate administrative protocol, anything this entity touches, or any one thus pledged, radicalized. Under such rules love transforms hate, peace war, harmony dys-synchrony ANAI. Presentation upon the public is the Skull and Bones (SAB) righteous demon.

Under the influence of the SAB tsade, the same is true of polemic. Polemic is a strong verbal/written attack on someone or something. Satanized, this becomes a nonverbal strike. In the case of Scottish Rite/LDS ONA in connection with SAB, this is carried out via math, astrology and geocartography and is correctly labeled MAG encryption.

This researcher believes Francis Pusok was a MAG engineered hit, DA Mike Ramos and John McMahon asset perps on this attempted kill like they were on Flores, their highly secretive ONA administration a thoroughly networked and very dangerous organization.

Jack the Ripper – a Mason project, Mary Ann Nichols perped by Carroll Lewis – Ted Bundy and Placentia killer, Itzcoatl Ocampo, were all MAG predators, Ocampo the more accomplished of these and likely recruited as an assassin rather than having actually committed suicide as he was alleged to have done while in jail.

ONA polemic projects will virtually always follow MAG protocol. This is how ONA administrators telegraph their victims to the mainstream. Sylvia Marie Flores was made obvious to provoke anyone in the public that has knowledge of this process. This kill also lit up the Redlands ONA like a Christmas tree, the base of this symbolic geocartographic Melchizedek controlled Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs, it’s tree top star Flores.

Since the human brain does not mature until 25, Flores, 23, was effectively still a child, which again redirects on the LDS Tubal Cain Vulcania child sacrifice. Rarely will they take anyone over 25 for this purpose unless this individual has been targeted for black mass breeding such as was the case of Robyn Gardner for Thomas Monson, this drac’s racketeering administrative cohort fully aware of his involvement in SKIRTS abductions.

Gardner and Holloway both were LDS polemic abductions boldly geocartographically identified with the LDS temple build in Rome (back to back bee landscape, SLC Aruba, Santo Domingo Temple).

People in the mainstream are largely unaware of this and likewise nearly impossible to educate, since the MAG demon so contravenes what people perceive to be reality. Crypto pledged sycophants feed psychologically off the ensuing conflict knowing they are being perceived involved in racketeering human trafficking crimes with frat manufactured impunity.

Rank and file SRLDS get drawn into this regardless of their ignorance, because elite shield themselves from detection masquerading the naive county administrations and Mormo underclass as their good works institutions.

The Sylvia Marie Flores SLC was instrumental in putting the Redlands ONA on the map, outlier points that formed this 2.7 mile geocartographic nightmare initially located via geophysical ley lines in connection with Mormo properties both locally and regionally out of state.

For example, line of longitude falling TDC over the LDS church located at
640 S Center St., Redlands, CA 92373, interacting with Flores, St. George, Dealey Plaza, the LDS Temple on 5th Avenue and Elizabeth Short produced two symmetrical points on the Redlands ONA.

Flores very clearly telegraphed LDS as the engineer perpetrator on her abduction/sacrifice, the point of this Gary Evan Baugh claiming righteous responsibility for this demonic kill. Sheriff McMahon and DA Mike Ramos asset serviced transport, official manufactured investigation and documentation, and prosecution of a patsy.

Francis Pusok was thus targeted due to his staged rendition location which appears to fall geographically TDC on the Redlands ONA as has every other victim already identified. He needs to wake up, because they are not yet done with him. Rendition projects such as this are carried out in perpetuity, and he will always be stalked by these monsters opportunistic for a kill.

For those who are genuinely interested, if you do a dot to dot of the locations of the Ripper victims in London you will see a two dimensional split pyramid identified with eight victims (Orion).

The Ripper geocartographic represents: 1) Orion, 2) a split pyramid commemorating division the Mason power structure between England and the US via Skull and Bones, and 3) the initiation of eugenics black mass breeding in the US via the Mormo church.

LDS subsequently SKIRTS renditioned 600 thousand Artemis and Selene Eves between 1900 and 2000 for use in their elite’s eugenic black mass breeding campaign. Artemis are sacrificed curbside, Selene’s bred and now cloned to Scottish Rite and LDS world wide.

The tsade is Crypto’s #13 encryption for Skull and Bones, any individual or group thus identified, a subsidiary of Scottish Rite and LDS Masons.

The next image is for Thomas Monson to laugh at:


THIS image is for the California legislature to laugh at:

esi_orion11These are monsters, and they prove it every day they remain in office masquerading good works and benevolence, the California public nothing but game animals these mind fucks. They are sick beyond recovery and belong permanently locked up at Atascadero State Hospital for the criminally insane.

On an aside, local ONA administration Gary Evan Boughs, Carey Davis, Mike Ramos, John McMahon, Ted Alejndre and The Sun Telegram, all of whom were involved in the Sylvia Marie Flores SKIRTS slaying, can GO TO HELL!

Convoluted as this may seem to those just beginning to awaken to the crimes of our leadership, know that Orion is bifurcated Judaism’s mainstream occult alpha and that every organization controlled by Crypto in thus empowered by their righteous revolutions and demon mysticism.

For those who are interested, Matthew is competitive with Crypto and will remain so until they have successfully censored this text from the planet.


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