There is no intellectual reflection on this, none. This is a culture so perverted no words can accurately describe this inhumanity. Can’t reason with it. Unable to awaken a public to alert.

There is a perpetual wrinkle in the fabric of domestic infrastructure what deeply folded crease fades reality in a transition nexus that is a passageway from this life into a hell the exit from which is impossible, my opinion.

People just do not get it.


San Bernardino is under siege from a cohort of Scottish Rite/LDS sponsored and protected institutional serial predators staffed with DA  Mike Ramos and Sheriff John McMahon and led by Redlands LDS temple administrator, Gary Evan Baugh.

Sylvia Marie Flores should have alerted the public but did not. The reason for this is the Sun Telegram did not perform it’s investigative function instead publishing scripted narratives of this horrific crime thus shielding Ramos and McMahon from accountability for their roles in kidnapping for torture.

Both of these mind fucks have blocked me on Twitter, their FBPO and personal attorneys no doubt hounding this media to attempt to have my account closed. I am being stalked by two of their deputies unlawful, and they are currently using provocateurs online to attempt to bait me remote for a kill.

FUCK Mike Ramos and John McMahon. I can not be bought or frightened away from this project. They would stand a better chance of flying to the moon on glider.

These creepy SOBs do not belong in public administration. They were groomed and placed based on their preoccupation with macabre and a demonstrated willingness to do whatever they are told in exchange for the resources they receive via public funds.

The San Bernardino public funded the Sylvia Marie Flores rendition what project in racketeered human trafficking was state of the art occult protocol networked with medical, education, police, church and whatever street felons and handlers were paid to guide Flores to her untimely death at a cost in man hours of no less than 1.5 million dollars of the taxpayer’s money.

Such prevarication bears the same weight on the mainstream as Bertram Feinstein’s involvement in the Zodiac slayings and Jerry Brown’s SB227 child sacrifice legislation masquerading as a vaccination mandate.

The same righteous demon that stalked Genesis is walking and talking upright in San Bernardino, this stupid public so lacking in alert it’s a wonder the region is even still populated.

For the record. ONA has reached it’s limit cycle.




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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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