MAG Polemic Encryption Cipher II

MAG Polemic Encryption Cipher
Math – Astrology – Geocartography

esi_ona blank Francis Jared Pusok

MAG is the engineering application and telegraph used in virtually all Scottish Rite/SKIRTS human trafficking and abduction crimes. This is the system that Sheriff John McMahon and DA Mike Ramos used under the direction of Redlands LDS temple administrator, Gary Evan Baugh.

This is a three part encryption cipher that makes use of math and numerology, astrology and geocartography to engineer, follow through on and convey via occult snuff whatever human trafficking project has been carried out to an elite audience.

MATH engineering on such connivance is based on Pythagoras base nine additive sums and alphabet the combination of which makes finding the numbers on these crimes impossible to the untrained eye.

ASTROLOGY is featured in any number of cosmic events that manifest either special to the occult entity perpetrating these crimes or present in the birth astrocartographic of the individual targeted for abduction/rendition.

GEOCARTOGRAPHY is used to territorialize the abduction in the same manner a bear or lion marks it’s territory in the forest, the human manifestation of this highly symbolic and identifying the crime premeditated and racketeered.


MATH An example of how math is used to engineer a SKIRTS snuff kill on an naive public is the timeline. For example, an individual in a residential setting whose daughter having been targeted receives an email from the owner of his rental unit at 11:44 AM. 8:47 PM a car parks in front of the rental unit and plays it’s stereo very loud for one minute. At 8:56 PM, the upstairs neighbors who are affiliated with the Sheriff’s department and rental owner begin stomping on the floor overhead in the targeted individual’s rental. To the untrained eye these events seem to be unrelated, however compute the time base nine additive sum and you get the following:

1144= 1
847= 19= 1
856= 19= 1

Add to this the date of 18 November 2015= 322th day of year= 322= Skull and Bones. 43 days remaining= 7= Orion/Masons.

The Rental owner is Mormon. The sheriff is Mormon. The neighbor is Jehovah’s Witness, and these are the same people that are alleged to have been involved in the ritual killing of a local prostitute. The boom box was bait for a deadly confrontation.

ASTROLOGY This encryption is a little more complicated and no doubt took the perp entity a few hours to manufacture time events from astrocartographic birth data, which means the engineer on this project shared personal information with a raptor. The number groups (11/8 and 8/2) this individual worked with to cue to timed events were taken directly off the birth chart.

esi_stalking 18 nov 2015

GEOCARTOGRAPHY In Redlands, such event will present lined up on the 2.7 mile ONA geocartographic which serves as a death compass anchored on the Redlands LDS temple and Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs.


Math Varies, but typically follows a calendar the numbers producing a sequence identified with Orion, series or DOB. For example, DOB= Thursday, 5 May 1994 (5555; 2) to Date of rendition= Tuesday 30 March 2010 (3333; 3). 15Y 10M 25D= 5, or 5808D= 3. 5×5= 25= 7. 3×5= 15= 6. 76= 13. 13= Betelgeuse (1), Bellatrix (3) and Mintaka (9), or 139= 13. the victim was a 15 year old wearing a purple (7) and blue (6) slicker (4). 23= Scottish Rite demon.





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