Redlands ONA Administrators= Scum

Adapted and paraphrased from Fritz Springmeier

San Bernardino valley is a strong Satanic center. The Illuminati set up their headquarters there this century between 1900 and 2000. This was the LDS heyday in SKIRTS black mass. Redlands ONA initiated 1947.

Illuminati (International Freemasons) is too secret to carry out any thing themselves and scope out and recruit psychopath and sociopath leadership to populate their region domestic projects.

International Freemasons secretly control the stage 4 and 5 Satanic cults in this region. The correct idea is such organizations as the Redlands ONA are in fact well below the threshold of international government thus delegating the Mormon church to a lesser status than it portrays itself in the public.

Redlands LDS temple administrator, Gary Evan Baugh, is the ONA alpha in this region. The levels below Baugh, including John McMahon and Mike Ramos, are for the rank and file in this Satanic enterprise.

According to Springmeier, in the San Bernardino area, one type of high priest is the Stage 2 or 3 Master Counselor. Other positions include the Keeper of the Books and the Keeper of the Seal. My guess is these are people such as McMahon and Ramos and other county offices such as school administration, Adult Services, Superior Court mediators ANAI.

Springmeier also pointed out that between 1960 and 2000 these numbers magnified to 1,500 members and that further these active Satanists are not Illuminati members–they are much lower. This may be why Alex Jones refers to local administrative cultures similarly poised as scum which is the same character issue as the righteous demon.


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