LDS (Encrytpion) Acknowledged Tetragrammaton

Encryption Analysis
LDS Written Response to 1995 Resignation

Of heightened concern is the bishop’s use of the Zodiac Killer’s tetragrammaton which symbolically features both the Star of David and the LDS Tubal Cain lightening bolt.

This analysis did not include a search for a lightening bolt encryption in the bishop’s letter.

esi_lds grant letter graphic

esi_bishop grant_c edit


1 The Orion constellation represented as the Star of David is reversed under the pyramid. Such juxtaposition places the viewer opposite Orion, or Orion inverted to align with Giza. Regardless, the encryption is occult.

2 There are three points in this letter (addressee, date and signature) producing a triptych 4, 4 and 3. Date (4) and signature (4) form a perfectly straight line, letter /a/ in the date to /a/ in the signature which divides the first and last name referred on line 6 in the first paragraph adjacent the letter /y/ in the first name. The triptych value of this name is 9. Using /y/ as a prompt, a line extended from this point to the addressee through Meissa/will forms the Hebrew letter “tsade“.

3 tsade=sade= righteous person, or to hunt; inverted, sade= demon/hunted.

4 Orion inverted juxtaposed with tsade= righteous demon preeminence and may in fact be interpreted as blood atonement, the recipient being informed one is now a hunted man. That makes sense in keeping with Scottish Rite/LDS demon hunters of human game via MAG engineered rendition these monster perp on females.


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