Mormon Sentimental Breeding Eugenics

esi_bates through flores2People don’t like to hear it, but the Mormon church is a Scottish Rite Freemason (SRM) satellite.

Masons originated as a quasi corporate fraternal advocate for the proletariate what subsequent adaptation by the elite usurped control of this organization for it’s own purposes, hence national and international Mason affiliate fraternal organizations which have penetrated every government on the planet the catalyst for solidarity of which is perverted sex. Meanwhile, the Mason proletariat has been enslaved to the role of righteous honor shield for the Mason demon elite.

In the early development of this eugenics organization straight out of hell, LDS elite, including general authority, covertly expanded polygamy while publicly deceiving rank and file membership. Inbreeding produced birth and mental defects, albeit LDS nonetheless lofted US eugenics movement which strived to promote proliferation of the white race and sterilize people unfit due to lifestyle or economic status (Galton). One of their first projects was Mountain Meadows.

One has think at this point and realize an immense flaw in SRM METRIC. If Freemasonry was indeed organized to loft the underclass preeminent, why would it then seek to destroy same via eugenics? The answer is simple.

Scottish Rite Masons are always at play against the status quo, which means one generation to the next, Mason elite motivate one side against the other the purpose of which is maintaining a public too confused and bewildered to assert itself against a tyrant masquerading benevolent brotherhood what mission creep is sentimental breeding eugenics.

By now it is no longer a mystery who Jack the Ripper was. Lewis Carroll “knew” Mary Ann Nichols and participated in her curbside rendition producing his son, TE Lawrence, black mass.

Meanwhile, in the US, abortion eugenics lofted simultaneous with LDS in full court press to sentimental breed their coveted SKIRTS black mass bloodlines, and there has been no shortage of naive public to indulge their elite. In keeping with the bifurcated system hypothesized by Francis Galton, they take two Eves, one for curbside sacrifice (Artemis) the other for the black mass (Selene).

Eugenics agenda thus manifest, and with Planned Parenthood designed to service a predominantly black underclass, LDS moved forward supreme in the development of their Satanic bloodlines bred from the 300 (three hundred) thousand SKIRTS victims they kidnapped and trafficked for breeding between 1900- 2000 simultaneous with the destruction of African Americans via abortion with the numbers rising in the latter population to 4.4 million since 1990 alone.

This eugenics movement has materialized and established itself in San Bernardino County administration as Order of the Nine Angels located in Redlands, and is responsible for some of the most notoriously heinous crimes of the past century, current leadership the likes of Redlands LDS temple boss, Gary Evan Baugh and subordinating class San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis, San Bernardino District Attorney Michael Ramos, San Bernardino Sheriff John McMahon, San Bernardino County Office of Education Superintendent Ted Alejandre, San Bernardino Sun Telegram ANAI.

Cheri Jo Bates (1966) marked a turn of events; Bates was culled for DNA used clone her to African Americans. One can pretty much guess any victim taken from this point forward is BES multiracial cloning project in perpetuity coordinating racketeering of human trafficking in the US via the LDS church. LDS engineer and perp the Artemis curbside slayings and Selene abductions in perpetuity.

As stated earlier, LDS too have fallen to the prevarication of their own leadership in the UK. What else can they do but serve the interests of the masters that created their church in the first place?

Rank and file LDS are bliss idiots. They believe in a prophet that never existed and that LDS leadership is currently attempting to frame bridge to a 1922 image of George Hodel, the prime suspect in the 1947 slaying of Elizabeth Short in connection with Kensington Palace in the UK.

Planned Parenthood is an extension of the American eugenics movement initiated by the LDS what current development includes cloning of SKIRTS victims to elite that control the church and are networked with like minded felons overseas.

Abortion is the tip of the ice berg. LDS is a eugenics proxy for the elite, people acculturated to the Joseph Smith myth thinking the are a part of a revolution they have no clue what this really is. One thing can be said for certain; in this researcher’s opinion, people who read this and still do not understand are not only stupid, such are willfully and pathologically stupid.

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