Christopher Dorner Psyop

American Moral Compass Award dedicated to John (Jack) McMahon:

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Can’t blame this one entirely on snuff perp Sheriff John (Jack the Ripper; Corina Del Novis, Sylvia Marie Flores) McMahon, but one can reasonably point to his willingness to lie to the public to play Orson Wells, hence his moral compass is pretty fucked up.

Christopher Dorner was an Obsidian Analysis psyop. There was no such person as described by collaborating media and the sheriff’s department.

Dorner was a theatrical emergency drill and practice event. The name was a hijack of a man deceased that once lived in another state.

Also, although Dorner fell well outside the boundaries of a Redlands ONA project, authorities and media were using MAG encryption identical to that used to perp Scottish Rite/LDS black mass renditions such as is the collective effort of the Redlands ONA which is a for real Freemason felony criminal organization staffed with real fraternal felony criminals such as John McMahon et al.

While the public may feel bizarrely comfitted in the thought that the official report portrays this lawless lawman as a capable of grandiose multi agency collaboration, it remains a fact that every point on this alleged magnificent and heroic event was scripted, his lies engineered to provoke the public further for an occult reason only.

This is of no consequence at this time, and the events of Dorner’s alleged capture the stuff of live theater played out in the streets of San Bernardino County as if DC had nothing better to do that arouse public fear and cognitive dissonance to a level our local sheriff coroner cum protstitutue killer and ONA administrative cohorts were surely enjoying as a kind of therapeutic address of their need to kill while simultaneously suppressing a public vet.

If you can figure the other issue with this, that the ability of police administration to manufacture such events to their satisfaction and deliver a narrative to the public that is believable, they can also profile and traffic in snuff on virtually any individual on the street competitive and conjointly with Scottish Rite industry in eugenics SKIRTS black mass kidnappings (eg Sylvia Marie Flores).

The Dorner CAST heightened public alert on an anti hero the backdrop of which was the Scottish Rite/LDS abduction and sacrifice of Sylvia Marie Flores (Redlands) and yet layered upon Bill Clinton’s 16 January 2013 visit to Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs and Jeffrey Epstein’s visit to Redlands in September 2012. Hillary Clinton (Napa 2015) links Hubby to Gabriela Calzada and Briana Gallegos 28 October 2015 via MAG encryption.

Dorner was faked to produce a fraternal killing spree that so far has penetrated to 28 October 2015, three female victims, and no doubt others on the books for rendition to satiate the METRIC beast that the people of San Bernardino County have placed their trust in to intercept crime which is a  Huge error in judgement. These stupid people have put a METRIC monster in charge of their Sheriff’s department.

It’s true what they say about stupid. It really can’t be fixed, but elections can be rigged and racketeered to install psycho/sociopath leadership.


MAG encryption confirms Dorner was a distraction during Jeff Epstein’s September 2012 appearance in Redlands and Bill Clinton’s 16 January 2013 appearance at nearby Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs in Connection with the Sylvia Marie Flores slaying 25-6 February 2013.

Flores was sacrificed. So were Calzada/Galegos (Los Angeles, 28 October 2015). Dorner was staged to distract the pubic from a very simple detail in the Flores Slaying her preps (Sheriff John McMahon et al) wanted to put across to the public in plain sight.

Redlands ONA had Flores body placed on a straight line cartographic linking her to the Redlands LDS temple and Melchizedek controlled Finchy in Palm Springs in order to telegraph to the public she was indeed a Scottish Rite/LDS engineered abduction. They made Dorner up to cover up the Flores slaying.

The correct application is the 1857 Mountain Meadows Vulcania which set a precedence for a full on assault on protestant Christianity via human sacrifice and which introduced the US to MORMON eugenics SKIRTS black mass sentimental breeding of people like animals. The numbers are huge on this, but then so is American stupidity and immaturity.


This researcher asserts that Dorner was a multi agency psyop to cover for the 25- 6 February 2013 Scottish Rite/LDS abduction and sacrifice of Sylvia Maris Flores coordinated by: 1)Redlands LDS Temple administrator Gary Evan Baugh and carried out by ONA administration rendition assets 2) San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis, 3) San Bernardino DA Mike Ramos, 4) San Bernardino Sheriff John McMahon, 5) San Bernardino County Office of Education Administrator Ted Alejandre, 6) the Businessman’s Association, and 7) San Bernardino Sun Telegram.

If Flores was too an Obsidian Analysis psyop, these creepy people have nonetheless laid this out on MAG encryption and are likewise stalking my family in circumstances that appear to be opportunistic for a retaliation kill typical of a nationalist/socialist routine assassination. McMahon is an administrative serial killer. He’s evil beyond the imagination masquerading good works typical of the Mason righteous demon.


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