Energy Weapons in San Bernardino County

Sheriff John (Jack the Ripper) McMahon, the San Bernardino Scottish Rite/LDS chief that asset renditioned Sylvia Marie Flores for Redlands LDS temple administrator, Gary Evan Baugh, uses energy weapons against whistle blowers and 23 year old handicapped females.

This mega pervert has an obsession for 23 year olds and is networking retaliation with LDS Melchizedek, Jehovah’s Witness’, HUD, DFEH, a local property management entity and Mexican nationals. He’s a racketeering perp on the public and has fraternal brotherhood administrative protection for his crimes inclusive of his FBPO sponsors.

Specifically, McMahon is using a residential infrasound energy device in combination with a number of racketeered harassment strategies inclusive of a failed attempt to profile and traffic a handicapped victim to attempt to provoke a deadly confrontation with the researcher responsible for surfacing his involvement in the Redlands LDS Sylvia Marie Flores Tubal Cain sacrifice.

McMahon uses MAG encryption in his abduction and retaliation crimes and was likewise involved in the 1986 snuff slaying of Corinna Novis. Scientific analysis of the Flores rendition confirms occult prevarication in her sacrificial slaying.

Why 23 year olds?

Scottish Rite/LDS subscribe to the Mason Orion METRIC of the 32 degree righteous demon, 32 denoting this entity as a righteous good works organization, 23 it’s inverse hermeneutic demon infrastructure what core= CSDR solidarity pledging, the SKIRTS Tubal Cain Vulcania and at will researcher/witness assassinations.

5 (32) denotes Hecate, 3 Artemis (Bellatrix, sacrificed curbside) and 2 Selene (Alnilam, black mass breeder).

322, add 2 for a signature, the latter= Genesis 6:2 on the inverse hermeneutic.

McMahon and his ONA pirating cohort likely have the same childhood training as Ted Bundy who took his first victim at 10. All of them, including Gary Evan Baugh, are fraternal METRIC white collar serial killers very much in vogue with Col Russell Williams. Williams got himself caught revealing his involvement in kidnapping for torture in connection with his monarchy flights between the UK and Canada. McMahon’s cohort of Scottish Rite/LDS righteous demons do not wish to have this information shared with the public.

The fact is LDS is a Scottish Rite satellite engineered to service a UK based eugenics mission in the US masquerading good works religion. The back drop of this phony religion from hell is LDS elite involvement in at will MAG engineered SKIRTS kidnappings across the US the numbers of which of victims are overwhelming. They take two victims per yer per US county networked with local county administrations populated with and racketeered via fraternal brotherhood.

Locally, Scottish Rite/LDS are attacking the information source redirecting to Thomas Monson’s involvement in the Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner abductions in Aruba and retention sacrifice of the victims in the 26 May 2013 Mexico City Heaven Night club slayings. The retention sacrifice commemorated the 17 May 2013 death of Monson’s wife, Francis Beverley Johnson-Monson.

MAG sets up the date match numerically, 17 May and 26 May both 13. 13= 4. 4 twice= Mormon (triptych cipher 4) and Moroni (also triptych cipher 4). Mormo= triptych cipher 8, hence Mormon and Moroni= Mormo. 2013 twice= 66, or 3, the latter symbolically linking Francis to Bellatrix and signaling to the elite that she too was sacrificed.

The dates 17 May 2013 and 26 May 2013 each numerically add to 1 which is the Star of David singularly (1700 mile Tubal Cain geocartographic Kirtland, Nauvoo, Independence to Mountain Meadows, LL/SOD embed at Nauvoo and independence). 1= 1= 2= Alnilam and Monson’s telegraphing his motivation to Scottish Rite/LDS elite his intention of making himself busy with Holloway and Gardner.

This is stretching an FNCS detail, but 1 and 1 also redirect to Holloway and Gardner. Holloway’s birth date of 21 October 1988= 1. Gardner’s birth and abduction dates of 23 April 1974 (5) and 2 August 2011 (5)= 1. This is supported by the link also between the names of the stars on Orion’s belt to Amy Lynn Bradley (1999), Holloway, and Gardner.

Bradley triptych ciphers in connection with Orion off of the name of the band she was was with the night she disappeared, Yellow (Alnilam, 2). Natalee Ann Holloway triptych ciphers 4, Saiph. Robyn Lynn Faith Colson-Gardner triptych ciphers 9, Mintaka. These three women are the three stars on Orion’s belt also known as the string of pearls.

At this point is gets pretty testy for the LDS. The Pearl of Great Price is actually an encrypted analogy for SKIRTS rendition, the pearl referred to the Selene breeders using in Mormon eugenics projects internationally.

For these reasons, the 1999 Amy Lynn Bradley abduction was never discussed in either the Holloway or Gardner kidnappings. Thomas Monson perped all three of these young women. These abductions were racketeered with all sorts of people surrounding the victims at the times of their disappearances, even people they trusted.

SKIRTS are handled like special access projects, extreme prejudice an inevitability for anyone who blows the whistle which keeps everyone shut up.

Other Scottish Rite/LDS rendition occult rendition crimes networked with the disappearances of no fewer than 12 young female victims from the Delta region on a timeline with President Obama’s first inauguration.

McMahon is a party to local felony abduction and trafficking for torture for solidarity pledging and murder typical of his Scottish Rite and LDS benefactors and is networked nationally via his involvement with the Scottish Rite and LDS Masons.

This fucker’s raptors don’t stand a chance over the threshold of my home, hence the stealth crap they are trying to pull of via infrasound and whatever stalking and run downs they attempt in public. McMahon and his BDSM deps are bunch of silly assed sycophants.

These predators are currently stalking one of my children attempting the threaten me into silence. My response> Go FUCK yourself.

San Bernardino is getting the leadership it deserves with this monster insouciant as people are ignoring his domestic terrorism crimes and threats thereof. This won’t go away by acting stupid. In fact, the more people allow this to go on acting like they don’t have a clue the more bold these abductions will become.

It’s the public’s God v theirs. If the public is gullible, poorly informed and insouciant, so goes their God. Certainly McMahon’s God is a predator.

In the words of Paul Craig Roberts (paraphrased), America is destroying itself indifferent to the horrific crimes it’s leadership is perping on the public daily. The US is a sick society.

Know it, because you read it here and possess the intelligence to research this information online, the greater numbers having determined to do the stupid act hoping God will punish and Jesus will save, the same numbers eating, fucking and partying themselves into oblivion in God BLESS America toDAY!

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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