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DRAFT Khazar SRM/LDS Soilidarity Pledge Linked Snuff Murder

Conspiracy is predictive in the absence of information that correctly describes a crime, or in this case many of them. The public too eagerly dismisses out of mind some of the most heinous crimes of our day on the official … Continue reading

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San Bernardino Frat METRIC OpEd

If you wanted to start a culture club from hell, recruit leadership assembled of some of the dirtiest characters on the planet. Divide the organization between an elite class and rank and file membership identifying in those of a nature … Continue reading

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False Flag Terrorism

False flag events are regarded by the government as necessary to national security. States play this up in highly orchestrated real and theatrical kill events masquerading some righteous purpose. In this researcher’s opinion, what is actually happening is people who … Continue reading

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10 May 2013 Letter to Jerry Brown re Solidarity Pledge

10 May 2013 Letter to Jerry Brown Hello, Mr. Brown. My name is XXXXXX XXXXX. I am a California resident, and I am making the following statement in good faith that you will honor your oath of office and not … Continue reading

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Peter Pan Magic

I am an American, so I am intimately aware of this culture. I am also educated. My work has taken me into one of the most dynamic and dysfunctional institutions of US domestic infrastructure, public education. Education is overwhelmed by … Continue reading

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Makow the Rescuer/Controlled Opposition

  re Rabbi Finkelstein Interview Much as I respect you, I have argument with your latest publication. Before I get started, my favorite part of this is your reference to Judah  leadership as perverts and bribe-takers. Very correct albeit absent … Continue reading

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Mossad Delta Region Abductions: XIU II

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Mossad Delta Region Abductions: XIU I

Link to XIU graphic here.

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SRM/David Icke

Response to David Icke re Dunblane Questions Won’t Go Away Scottish Rite originated in France based on Scottish legend and is the forerunner of the Mormon (Mormo) church, hence LDS temples (Solomon). The two individuals that wrote and printed the … Continue reading

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CNN/Creepy Freemason Dis-Info Propaganda

re CNN Creepy Freemason Dis-Info Propaganda @4:30 evil creepy laugh… Q: “…secret?” A: “Ha…” secret 153952 763 7 (Mason acknowledgement) ha 81 929 2 (Genesis 6:2; also serpent bearer, see below) serpent bearer 1597552 251959 245 2 72= 27= 2 … Continue reading

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