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Scottish Rite Freemasons link LDS to DC racketeering eugenics SKIRTS kidnappings nationally, these victims used for solidarity pledging, curbside human sacrifice shock and awe on the public, and sentimental and clone breeding LDS Satanic black mass bloodlines in perpetuity.

Persephone (hecate) and Moroni the Mormon (Mormo) are consort queen and king of the underworld, respectively. This is the occult link between US government and the LDS church and the reason Scottish Rite/LDS Freemason Sheriff John McMahon’s involvement in SKIRTS/snuff kidnappings (Corinna Novis 1986; Sylvia Marie Flores 2013) are going unchecked.

This also helps to explain how Gary Evan Baugh is not being considered as a suspect in the Sylvia Marie Flores slaying. These demons masquerading benevolent caretakers of the local culture are in reality institutional serial killers, the inland communities they serve in some kind of a Twilight Zone dream world totally oblivious they are being preyed upon by local leadership.

The MAG engineering on Flores (Redlands 2013) was at least a decade in the making, Calzada and Gallegos (Los Angeles 2015) no doubt targeted sometime before Jeff Epstein’s September 2012 appearance in Redlands. Many young women have no doubt been targeted completely unaware these monsters control their fate.

MAG FNCS encryption also produces the Star of David (SOD) on this relationship from hell, thus:

Betelgeuse (1), Bellatrix (3, 1) and Mintaka (9, 3, 1; 4/Moroni) form the SOD downward pointing triangle. Alnitak (6), Rigel (5, 6) and Saiph (4, 5, 6; 6/Hecate cum Persephone). This produces Zoin’s Star of David logo in connection with DC’s involvement in domestic kidnapping for torture.

SKIRTS telegraph are the statues of Moroni atop LDS temples and Persephone atop the DC capitol building. In other words they are telling people what they are doing, the public not educated on their MAG encryption therefor too ignorant to perceive this as a threat.

The numbers on SKIRTS abductions are three hundred thousand each, Artemis (curbside sacrifice) and Selene (black mass breeders) between 1900 and 2000.

Go USA #1!



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