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METRIC= HRS (hijack, reform, solidarity) triptych. This missive focuses on the hijack triptych. There’s not a lot of complexity to this which is probably why it’s so successful a pirating scheme. Intelligence looks for complexity that’s just not there, moralizing the hijack predator about as effective as teaching a monkey to do calculus.


Imagine you’re making you’re a herding superior race making way southward from the Steppes to escape increasingly cold weather freezing you out from the north. The further south you go, the more agricultural the people you meet. They are vegan. You are a meat eater. The conflict that ensues is an inevitable outcome that favors the latter.

Cain was from the North, Abel from the South. The ensuing conflict is the micros of the story of what happened when Steppes met the middle east during the mini Ice Age 26 thousand years ago. Not only did Cain slay Abel, the former enslaved the latter via the hijack that is perfectly described in Genesis 4:8. Cain invited his brother into the field where he attacked and killed him.

If you are sleuthing the LDS church, the first thing to recognize here is Mountain Meadows and the repetition of a drama that laid out enslave the human race. Like Cain did Abel, You simply con the targeted population’s confidence, bait them into the kill zone and commence to genocide, and of course this is the ancient mystery works manifesting upon an otherwise naive idiot American mainstream.

Keeping it simple, vegans tend to make a good prey species, because they are easily conned on their moral gullibility. They don’t have to be this way, but they do lack the natural aggressiveness that accompanies a diet of meat, hence they are easily preyed upon by their more rapacious brothers.

If you are a superior manifestation of the human race and find yourself surrounded by idiots, it is not likely you will hang around to play cards and such. You will have an inclination to dominate the later, they a predisposition to complain and bitch about it but do absolutely nothing to stop you. That’s the nature of such relationships. Lion v water buffalo. Meat eater v agrarian. Genius v stupid.

You can explain this to a meat eater, and such will pick up on the subtly of predation pretty quick. The vegan will not, hence one can perceive the natural order of the cosmos as it were, predators the natural leaders among the herds, and they dominate and decimate at will.

The lesser able will never admit this, but their behavior is complicit in this hierarchy of power. Suck up to Cain and you too can be a meat eater! Even if it means sabotaging and eating the meat of your own people, enter Eve, worse still, enter Mason demons masquerading righteous character.

Mainstream humanity is stupid. The elite know and understand this well, and they have organized and plotted a course for humanity that has empowered them to do just about anything they like with populations. There’s no resistance, because the complacent mainstream idiot serves it’s predatory betters as slaves.

The simple minded are easily conned. Once conned, they are effortlessly herded into regional political cohorts equally described as killing fields on the double bind. Radical activism ensues. Predator subdues prey. Recycle humanity.

The hijack triptych is the most powerful political tool in the world. The reason for this is it’s three step theatrical presentation that loses people in parts one and two. The triptych predator knows this, that once in the kill zone the population targeted for rendition has no chance of escaping.

People balk at this demanding proof Americans are in the kill zone. The don’t yet figure Corexit, GMO, Fukushima and chemtrails as a problem simultaneously doing a lot of this> LO Kewl OMG LMAO.

Another view of this problem is people are literal minded (low IQ) and can only typically simultaneously handle maybe one or two complex situations. Three is mind blowing to the self-indulgent happiness idiot the consequence of which is victimization.

Triptych predators are always three steps ahead of their prey. They follow a well planned agenda. Their victims do not. The victims in such circumstances rely on morality and believe this it be the guiding constant of humanity. It could be but is not, because survival is dictated by one’s ability to eat, reproduce and rest. Morality is fleeting, patriotism, same.

And so, Cain slew Abel. Who gives a fuck? Those in the know understand this. The mainstream does not, hence the natural state of affairs wherein an elite forms a core leadership cohort, the masses wailing moral indignation through the night.

God moves in steps man is yet unfamiliar with, thus the Satan’s presentation upon Eve and how easily manipulated she was. She had a conscience. She chose not to use it.

People’s immediate reaction to this is how can this be? The reason for these circumstances is simple. Predator species think. Prey do not. The hijack triptych follows a very specific strategy and is therefor as reliable a phenomenon as breathing.

The hijack is always the same three steps. Always the same effect. Always humanity on the precipice of destruction having been baited into the kill zone on ones gullibility. Always the same expressions of feigned indignation. Always the same laziness in the victim.

You can explain this to people. They won’t get it. You can model it for them. They still won’t get it: however some are willing to follow a METRIC nonthinking and programmed to at least act the part of a predator, even if this means preying on their own, and of course a predator will have a larger population of slaves if the mainstream can be acculturated to this relationship dynamic.

The Mason METRIC cultivates character as the basis of this organization’s good works reputation, but this is also a recruitment forum for those who wish to be more predatory, hence the fraud and racketeering and schemes that plague this brotherhood from hell.

You can be a rank and file Mason and be LOL Kewl OMG LMAO, but what Scottish Rite leadership are after for leadership are people who are willing to betray their own to be a part of the save making process. Unfortunately, sycophants are not in short supply among the  otherwise insouciant victims of society.

Find those who are motivated to betrayal via materialism, reward them for their treachery, graduate them to next level of corruption, the Reform triptych. In this regard, Masons don’t rectitude the brightest and the best. They appoint those of a disposition to duplicity.

The brotherhood developmental prerequisite is three degrees of separation from the devil and looks like this:


Mountain Meadows

CON You can camp here!
DOUBLE BIND First wave of assault disarmed victims.
RADICAL ACTIVISM Human sacrifice by mistake and misunderstanding.

Weekly Reader

CON Sharks are your friends!
DOUBLE BIND First swimming lesson.
RADICAL ACTIVISM Mandatory swimming lessons.


CON Vaccinations preserve life!
DOUBLE BIND SB 227 mandated vaccinations.
RADICAL ACTIVISM 6:1000 guaranteed death fall, MACS.

Master these three character issues (baiting to treachery, tolerance of ambiguity, indifference to suffering) and you are potentially a person of strong character. In the inverted world of the Scottish Rite/LDS Mason, you are also on your way to Satanic preeminence if you can prove your willingness to turn around prey on your own with these skills, the ultimate proof of which is the CDSR solidarity pledge.

In other words, the Masons are not so much character building that’s going on as training camp in the skills necessary to learn to become a METRIC predator on the inverse hermeneutic, your family, community and the rule of law be damned.

It’s like Henry Makow recently stated:

“It’s hard to conceive of a group hellbent on hating and destroying their fellow man… for no other reason that self-aggrandizement.”

The sacrifice of intelligence is the point of it, the less of this to deal with the freer the predatory elite to raid the herd. In the US, for the past 158 years, that raid has been to populate a LDS eugenics project with human products to the tune of one million female victims, half culled for curbside sacrifice in the one group, Artemis, and black mass breeding to LDS elite in the other, Selene.

If you are good at hijacking your fellows and and have no conscience for this, your next level of development is the reform triptych. In the material world your status magnifies. Spiritually, that elevator ride is down.


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