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METRIC= HRS (hijack, reform, solidarity) triptych. This missive focuses on the reform triptych.

If you have proven yourself competent in the development of a Mason character baseline, and are comfortable with the idea that Cain served a worthy purpose in his affairs with brother, Abel, you are worthy to progress to the next level.

Here you are a noble reformer in the mind of the public, a satanic fraud and racketeering agent of the Brotherhood of the Snake. Although few are chosen to this level of treachery, those who enter this oblivion prove themselves on their ability to con the public on the absolute lie and survive being routed.

The reform triptych, like the hijack triptych, is a simple application; the inversion of reality. Real is fantasy. Fantasy is real. Life is death. death is life. Morality is evil, evil is morality. White is black. Black is white.

There’s a very simple test you can do to prove to yourself this information is correct. Ask any rabbi, Torah or Talmud, why the curls and black and white threads. You won’t get an answer. This is one of the most protected secrets in bifurcated Judaism, their solidarity identity or sorts.

Black and white is the black and white lipped cobra, the curls this corba’s fangs. Bifurcated Judaism is the Brotherhood of the Snake (BOS) and the alpha of which all others in the world subordinate. So, how does one such earn status?

You lie over and over and over.

The reform predator lofts the felon preeminent and criminalizes character in keeping with Orion righteous demon. Judaism is the source, Scottish Rite Masons and LDS a manifestation of the BOS.

Think Jerry Brown’s Peter “PAN” inspired B227 vaccination mandate and you have the correct idea. This unconstitutional felon legislation makes medically assisted child sacrifice the law. The death fall on these vaccinations is six per one thousand vaccinated.

Mainstream California misses the devil in the details in this macabre leadership determination, and folks in the Mayberry state are none the less wiser learning this after the fact, because they have been psychologically shut out by Brown’s political cohort, the husband of one of which was the Zodiac Killer.

The reform triptych:

1 Lofts felons preeminent,
2 criminalizes the statues quo, and
3 attacks the public with shock and awe.

In the same manner the public responds to racketeered constitution hijacks, by moralizing the perpe-traitor, they do the same to the reform predator. People honestly do not understand this will never work. Triptych predation is agenda driven. Such predators are aware of and disregard morality by design. Where recruited to a lifetime of corruption, the solidarity pledge keeps them in check.


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