METRIC Solidarity Pledge

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METRIC= HRS (hijack, reform, solidarity) triptych. This missive focuses on the solidarity pledge.

The solidarity pledge is a fraternal bond that commits members to extortion, racketeering and fraud corruption under threat of ruin/death for redaction in perpetuity.

While such pledging among the local albeit less powerful elite typically involves some some type of occult documented sex with a child, the worst of this is the Child Sacrifice Debauchery Ritual (CDSR) and MAG engineered snuff SKIRTS kills on young adult females (eg McMahon’s involvement in the Novis and Flores snuff slayings).

These fraternal brotherhood predators do not give a crap about getting caught, because they are racketeer shielded from accountability, also in perpetuity, throughout the county. The solidarity pledge is what makes the Scottish Rite/LDS Freemasons so fierce. They pledge death fucking children and sacrificing young women, the psychologically enslaved public in a shock and awe stupor unwilling to acknowledge this.

LDS walked away from Mountain Meadows (1857), people today even oblivious to these circumstances dismissive of Mason culpability in the racketeered and manufactured official report of this horrific 27 years in the making Tubal Cain Vulcania human sacrifice event. Mountain Meadows initiated SKIRTS black mass breeding in the US.

People in the mainstream try to moralize this to remain comfy in their own little bubble of reality and don’t give a damn about anyone else, really. They play up to the predators figuring this makes them immune from attack. It doesn’t, but it does buy them time in this macabre Mason masquerade party.

Fact is when Sheriff John McMahon is out and about patting little boys in the head he is likewise predator shopping for victims that are entered into a data base and attacked at some point in the future. Such was the case for Sylvia Marie Flores, people so preoccupied with the Christopher Dorner psyop they didn’t notice Flores, by design.

If people would study civics this could be controlled. Otherwise, the mainstream remains ungodly insouciant and deserving of the leadership the type of which plagues San Bernardino and Redlands at this time.

Currently, San Bernardino is allegedly under siege from yet another one of McMahon’s psyop projects. This time Obsidian analysis domestic terrorist crisis actors are attacking Inland Regional Center (30.04.30N; RONA). 20 dead. Gunmen at large.

Gov. Jerry Jesuit Brown currently sitting on some prefab legislation to magnify gun control in response to the theatrical deaths of crisis actors, the San Bernardino public here> LOL Kewl OMG LMAO, or stupid if that makes more sense.

The solidarity pledge works on everyone, the lesser form of the the corporate gag order and non-disclosure agreement crisis actors are bound to for $10 an hour to sabotage their own constitutional rights.

On an aside, if Obsidian Analysis or SRA International were truly concerned with America’s national security they would have the Scottish Rite Freemasons and Thomas Monson indicted on human trafficking for torture and creepy sociopaths like Gary Evan Baugh et al in Atascadero state hospital in perpetuity.

The devil never rests.


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