IRC/San Bernardino


The HRS triptych in place and leadership poised to manifest soft coercion upon a carefree public, Americans, in this example Californians, have been acculturated to the theater of fraud and racketeering human trafficking baited to self-deception by lying politicians and public administrators pledged to the Mason METRIC for a buck, and of course Senator Boxer spoke to this event as a gun control issue.

Senator Boxer is liar. There was no 2 December 2015 shooting at San Bernardino Inland Regional Center. This was a manufactured theatrical what if event lending itself to a Hegelian prefabricate solution that will produce legislation to curtail both the 1st and 2nd amendments. Alleged ISIS shooter team was script radicalized by social media and had unchecked access to firearms.

IRC was dually a threat campaign against the people informing the public on Redlands LDS temple administrator Gary Evan Baugh, Mayor Carey Davis, DA Mike Ramos, Sheriff John McMahon, San Bernardino County Office of Education Superintendent Ted Alejandre, Sun Telegram and others involved in the 2013 kidnapping for torture of Sylvia Marie Flores.

Bearing in mind an informed minority of the public knows ISIS to be Israeli Special Intelligence Service and a product of collusion between Mossad, MI6 and CIA, if ISIS were in fact the inspiration for IRC, this would have been funded by Israel, England and the US. Why waste all that power on San Bernardino?

Answer: 30 04 30N.

This is the latitude if Inland Regional Center. It’s also the latitude of:

1 the athletic Field at JUDSON & BROWN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 1401 E Pennsylvania Ave, Redlands, CA 92374, and

2 the location of the 30 October 2014 abduction of Christina Marie Morris in Plano, Texas.


esi_34 04 30 N 2

Judson is one of seven points on the 2.7 mile Redlands Geocartographic ONA logo, a monster fingerprint on the Scottish Rite/LDS SKIRTS kidnapping for torture of Elizabeth Short (1947), Cheri Jo Bates (1966), Laurie Lynn Partridge (1974), Corinna Novis (1986/McMahon) and Sylvia Maria Flores (2013/McMahon).

Notice the red line striking through the ONA seven pointed star, LDS on the right, Fores on the left, and the the symmetrical black line intercepting the former (red) forming what appears to be a large X. This X= Orion the triptych encrypted value of which is 1. Sylvia Marie Flores also= triptych encrypted 1.

IRC San Bernardino was not only an ONA commemorative masquerade party, these freaks were celebrating SKIRTS rendition nationally. That’s why 30 04 30N and the link to the Redlands ONA and Christina Morris.

Once understood to have been theatrical, for whatever reason,  the danger here is people believe it was real, thus alleged killers (actually police assassins) to have been on the lose could perpetrate real crimes against individuals targeted in the back drop of such circumstances.

In other words, METRIC politicians can run a theatrical event what real purpose is a targeted entity remote. As such a story unfolds, alleged killers take out an entire neighborhood which is real albeit the team that would perp such a crime is actually a stealthy police unit and it’s felon Jehovah’s Witness or B’nai B’rith street assets.

This is what happened to Sylvia Marie Flores and more recently Gabriela Calzada and Briana Gallegos. METRIC Authorities ran a psyop, in the case of Flores, Christopher Dorner, when the real target was a 23 year old prostitute. Calzada and Gallegos were commemorative on political appearances in Palm Springs and Napa.

IRC was Scottish Rite/LDS running a threat campaign on information being provided to the public regarding San Bernardino administration involvement in human trafficking for torture, specifically ONA structured kidnappings to aggrandize Scottish Rite/LDS need for victims.

The catalyst for corrupt leadership is the solidarity pledge, the ghouls recruited to asset servicing Scottish Rite/LDS occult prevarication the scum of the planet. Worst still is a public not concerned enough to care, unable to look outside the box for reality and generally not very smart.

The vast majority of Californians are pathologically stupid.


IRC also same as coaction, the relationship of the ratio of impulse to restraint the inversion of which= the ratio of the relationship of restraint to impulse, which is radical and satanic.

The following is paraphrased from a highly intelligent albeit antagonistic source affiliated with the Mormon church.

LDS elite consider themselves to be the siblings of the Lion of the tribe of Judah. They practice quarrying prey, in this case humans, their young learning this by baiting their peers and others.

They play at predation in order to develop skills the prime example of which are people like Ted Bundy. They work together, one baits, the other ambushes. The owl is the stealth flight predator.

What this individual is talking about is how McMahon orchestrated Sylvia Marie Flores. She was baited into Jack in the Box and ambushed a short while later. This documented her whereabouts for the public and was Scottish Rite/LDS telegraph to their elite she was snuff perped.

The correct response to San Bernardino’s IRC/ONA commemorative cum FEMA emergency drill and practice event cum threat in response to having implicated San Bernardino administration in human trafficking for torture is a class action lawsuit.

David Icke has it figured out.

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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