Jeff Epstein, Sylvia Marie Flores and IRC

esi_mr dingle

This missive duplicates to Paul Craig Roberts 7 December 2015.

Re San Bernardino, to say that Americans are dip shits is an understatement, my opinion.

Our culture has become so degenerate it’s amazing we haven’t yet been wiped out. There’s no rational explanation for the stupidity of the American public. This is beyond comprehension.

I discriminate false flag from manufactured false flag, the latter having the same purpose albeit less lethal upon the public orchestrated by Obsidian Analysis (OA) in collusion with DHS, ATF, FBI ANAI.

Pre OA, LDS established an Order of the Nine Angels cohort in Redlands, California with the outright slaughter of Elizabeth Short (1947), a project that included the assassination of JFK and eugenics abductions of Cheri Jo Bates, Laurie Lynn Partridge, Corinna Novis and Sylvia Marie Flores. Bates was a clone project.

Flores was key in telegraphing ONA to the public February 2013: however, her abduction/sacrifice was buried in several other events that captured and preoccupied the attention of the public. Jeff Epstein was in Redlands September 2012 on a flexible appearance schedule. Bill Clinton made an appearance four months later at Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs 16 January 2013. There was the Christopher Dorner psyop 7- 12 February 2013. Then Flores 25- 6 February 2013.

High desert’s Mr. dingle is a scale model of Epstein’s knobby phallus. They have this thing interacting with school children. Very sick.

Epstein initiated on Flores. He was also after my daughter at University of Redlands. We documented this via strange events occurring in connection with UR public safety. Although I had never met Epstein, when I learned who he was, I immediately remember seeing him in passing in Sacramento. My daughter remains a targeted individual.

Puzzling 2 December and IRC in connection with Flores was easy. Inland Regional Center is latitude 30 04 30N. So is Judson and Brown Elementary School in Redlands, one of the seven points on the Redlands 2.7 mile ONA geocartographic. This latitude is likewise the pin point location of the abduction of Christina Morris in Plano, Texas.

The Redlands ONA geo cartographic is anchored on the Redlands LDS temple and Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs. Flores’ body was placed straight line cartographic TDC correct to the Redlands ONA. I know the administrator ar Finchy. He’s a full blown Melchizedek pervert. They soul marry children and every adult female they want to fuck, inclusive of enslaving the woman’s husband via polyandry. I emphasize paragraph three above.

Linking IRC back to Epstein was easy. These monsters use MAG encryption to document their crimes. In Epstein’s case, his birth date is the anchor for Flores and Inland Region Center.


20 January1953 (Epstein’s DOB)
> 26 February 2013 (Flores, Almond Ave, Redlands, California)
> 60Y 1M 6 D
> 616
> 13 (base nine additive sum)

20 January 1953
> 2 December 2015 (Inland Regional Center, San Bernardino, California)
> 62Y 10M 13D
> 62113
> 13 (base nine additive sum)

25-6 February 2013
> 2 December 2015
> 2Y 9M 5D and 2Y 9M 4D, respectively
> 295; 294
> 7; 6
> 13 (base nine additive sum)

20 January 1953
> 30 August 2014 (Christina Morris, Plano, Texas)
> 61Y 7M 10D
> 6171
> 6

30 August 2014
> 2 December 2015
> 1Y 3M 3D
> 133
> 7

> 13 (base nine additive sum)

18 September 1947 (CIA DOB)
> 13 December 1949 (Mossad DOB)
> 22Y
> 4
> 13 (base nine additive sum)

Mason, Mormon, Moroni and Mossad each triptych cipher 4, or 13.


IRC, like Flores, was anchored on Jeff Epstein indicating he has some type of occult preeminence in this region. I am guessing he’s a predatory DRAC and currently responsible for every SKIRTS abduction in the region controlled by the Redlands ONA the current administrator of which is Gary Evan Baugh. San Bernardino city and county leadership entities are co administrators.

The obvious is IRC was a manufactured False Flag, the point of this an opportunity to curtail the 1st and 2nd amendments. The not so obvious is the Scottish Rite/LDS eugenics going on the back drop, these monsters taking not only local young women but two victims per US county annually which they have been doing since 1857 (Mountain Meadows).

There’s a lot more, but there is enough information here for anyone to initiate their own research into LDS involvement in eugenics in the US. For the record, their abduction numbers to date exceed one million, and they are showing no signs of slowing down.

Romney’s Mormon Church is Masonic Front

Michael Hoffman



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