Redlands Order of the Nine Angels a Politburo; MAG Mini

The Redlands Order of the Nine Angels (ONA) is politburo executive committee made up of city/county administrators who covertly practice desolation, impoverishment and extermination via SKIRTS eugenics and who are by their nature lazy, morally enigmatic, addicted and motivated to betrayal.

This Scottish Rite/LDS communist political organization is led locally by ONA chief, Gary Evan Baugh with collaboration with San Bernardino mayor Carey Davis, District Attorney Mike Ramos, San Bernardino Sheriff John McMahon, San Bernardino County Office of Education Superintendent Ted Alejandro, San Bernardino Sun Telegram ANAI.

Locally their victims are unnoticed, such disappeared at a rate of two per county annually, these typically shrouded in highly organized manufactured false flags engineered to publicly telegraph the Tubal Cain Vulcania albeit staged in the back drop of more dramatic and theatrical magic shows involving terrorism or some form of political corruption side show. This is how they perped Sylvia Marie Flores.

The main event has been the Colonies and fraud corruption. The timeline embed looks like this:


P/ONA PROJECT Jeff Epstein, Redlands Sept 2012 (NOTE DOB 20 Jan 1953)
Bill Clinton, KF Elementary School, Palm Springs 16 Jan 2013
Christopher Dorner, 7- 12 Feb 2013
P/ONA PROJECT Sylvia Marie Flores, 25- 6 Feb 2013
P/ONA PROJECT Inland Regional Center, 2 Dec 2015

Flores was the target, the Redlands ONA politburo having gone to an extraordinary expense to hide this in the backdrop of manufactured events involving FBI, DHS, ATF, US Marshall and others, making the former the subject of a public disclosure in keeping with conducting such macabre events as human sacrifice (Flores) in plain sight.

San Bernardino administration did this under the politburo cum righteous demon Redlands temple leadership of Gary Evan Baugh. Flores was sacrificed, the goy public of San Bernardino county too incomprehensibly stupid to perceive and understand this.


MAG encryption utilized math, astrology and geocartograpy to engineer SKIRTS and other such racketeered abduction/assassination crimes.

Math base nine additive sums is used to compute a number sequence, usually following a calendar, which presents on the victim with a series of numbers which signature the perp. For example, Flores was perped anchored on Jeff Epstein’s DOB and presented on a timeline with IRC thus: 13, 13, 13. IRC confirmed Flores as the target and connected this horrific crime also to Christina Morris in Plano, Texas.

Use of astrology in MAG encryption matches the abduction astrocartographic to the victims birth chart. LDS have exclusive access to every birth record in the US for this purpose. The abduction date produces an image that when superimposed upon the birth cartographic signatures the perp Mason, Druid or Orion/Judaism.

Geocartography is a variegated encryption application an example of which would be triangulation on the distance between home and work, the abduction/assassination point equidistant to both.

Politburo leadership is recruited and placed for a predisposition to sadoperversion examples of which remain LDS temple leadership, the mayor’s office, district attorney, sheriff, county and city education, local media ANAI. The San Bernardino politburo is the Redlands Order of the Nine Angels.


Freemasonry is a Judaism construct as is the LDS church and Marxist socialism. The LDS church is organized regionally on their temples which in the case of Redlands is manifesting a Scottish Rite ONA politburo cohort likely typical of every temple in the US. If this is correct, Mossad (war by deception) is active around these temples and servicing administrative prevarication in SKIRTS abductions to fulfill LDS eugenics mission creep (Selene), shock and awe upon the public (Artemis), disruption of the status quo orchestrated by Hecate masquerading Relief Society and the fraternal solidarity pledge.


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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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