Degenerate Leadership for a Dip Shit Public

esi_john mcmahon

When leadership is corrupt, so goes the population, albeit the elite fraternal brotherhood these degenerates serve are generally pressing occupation, transformation and genocide suitable upon a dip shit public that isn’t conscious of the corruption anyway.

The slower the less perceivable (Fukushima, SB227). The less represented the fewer people will know (Sylvia Marie Flores, Gabriela Calzada, Briana Gallegos). The fewer people are aware, the easier it is to pirate and repatriate, civics lost on a culture that is eating, fucking and entertaining itself into oblivion.

The enemy of intelligence is the rationalized mind. While the excuses people figure to themselves may seem correct to one’s imagination, the lies that pervade and sustain mainstream insouciance untested against reality and thoroughly vetted for stealth fraternal lawlessness install a reigning sovereign, the rule of law rationalized on sentimentality and set aside, any given community thus patriated to evil.

While it may seem a petty issue against the authoritive backdrop of the official report, kidnapping for torture likewise minimizes in the shadow of a Mossad presence in seven regions of California hosted by LDS temple administrators who also control regional city and county administrations, the next Marxist phase of which is the League of California Cities (CLOC).

The fictional tribe of Judah (Judaism, Masons, LDS) is a bait and ambush predator. Their fraternal code plays itself against public intelligence. The stupider the public is, the more successful they are in their occupation and rendition projects, and they will always own the official report which is a part of the deception.

For an example of how this works, most Americans are familiar with and have read Alice in Wonderland. What they don’t know is this allegedly marvelous children’s literature was written by none other than Jack the Ripper himself, Lewis Carroll. Carroll was also the father of TE Lawrence, Lawrence’s mother the one and only Mary Ann Nichols, Carroll’s primary Whitechapel target.

This researcher was challenged on Lawrence’s birth date as evidence this allegation is incorrect. People don’t think. Sarah Junner Lawrence was never seen carrying a child. Lawrence’s birth date was recorded the date he was handed off to SJL via a midwife. Nichols was gutted to prevent detection of her pregnancy.

Carrol was a Mason and a paedophile, same lying treacherous group as the LDS running a Mossad unit in Redlands right under he nose of God Bless Americans! living in a dream world of official record in San Bernardino, California.

This is civics. The typical reaction to this information is giggling, incredulity or bristle. People do not wish to be informed, nor do they desire to think but will rationalize stupid, the stupider the better. 


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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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