RICO/Nomenklatura; Human Sacrifice and Colonies SOTA Corruption


God forbid this researcher should attempt to learn process of law at a level commensurate to compete with Scottish Rite/LDS pirates and their racketeered kidnapping for torture campaign. This is well beyond the learning capacity of ordinary people, hence policy such as FSIA and RICO are likewise beyond the understanding of the public. Certainly on the surface it would appear McMahon’s two female abduction victims (Novis, Flores) 27  years apart would outright dismiss a federal allegation of human trafficking for torture.

Let us not forget the value of this number in connection with the Redlands 2.7 mile geocartographic ONA anchored on the Redlands LDS Temple and Melchizedek controlled Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs. 27= 2 and 7, 2 Genesis 6:2 on the inverse hermeneutic, and 7 Orion AKA Freemasons identified with the Orion constellation and some of the most horrific crimes known to mankind. More still, McMahon’s birth date falls midpoint on Corinna Novis and Sylvia Marie Flores, the cumulative patterns of which are supposed to catch the watchful eye of RICO.

If one were to write a law to make it appear as though it were truly invested in protecting the public from racketeered crimes, RICO would certainly qualify as such: with it’s 10 year statute of limitations, this fantasy legislation is a far cry from actually stopping such enterprises as human trafficking for torture, since the organization perp rate of three thousand victims annually far surpasses this federal statute and is yet going completely unnoticed, RICO blinded by the Mason pirating eye patch.

So how is the Scottish Rite fraternal brotherhood and it’s myriad subsidiaries such as the LDS church getting away with these crimes unaffected by the rule of law? That’s an easy  question to answer. Leadership is structured in such a manner that no BOS cohort shielded by their ungodly solidarity pledge will be brought to justice the application of which in corrupt administrations is the nomenklatura. In other words, these filthy, immoral and treasonous brotherhood public administrators are above the law they are sworn to uphold.

Given that Sheriff John McMahon has initiated retaliation on this research and an actual alleged kidnapping for torture inclusive if a written statement signaling his intention to follow through, one could reasonably perceive three timely events in connection with racketeered kidnapping for torture issuing twice in 2013 and once in writing 2014 with sustained raptor presence and an attempt to bait a target to a deadly confrontation in perpetuity inclusive of using a military grade energy weapon against the researcher.

Is this man that stupid? These are desperate circumstances for sure, which is what motivated his brotherhood to engineered Francis Jared Pusok. Ultimately Pusok baited sheriff’s deputies into circumstances McMahon would use to assert his righteous policing attitude the back drop of which is actually a demon opportunity to diffuse the pubic on his racketeering  involvement in the Novis/Flores kidnappings. His deputies are going down sacrificed to salvage his image.

Since RICO Looks at patterns, and the primary target of the string of events September 2012- 2 December 2015 is a timeline embedded racketeered torture kidnapping (Sylvia Marie Flores), it makes sense this would come up on the radar during the FBI investigation of Pusok. Is this happening? When one considers that Colonies (1, 2) may also be involved in this, and that the California supreme court has subsequently stopped this case from moving forward possibly reactive to McMahon’s involvement in Novis and Flores, police authorities do in fact appear to be networked with the judiciary.

McMahon is now a suspected kidnapping for torture perp in connection with an even greater seven headed Mossad beast linked to the Mormon church and networked with Colonies via the Businessman’s association and this organization’s affiliates. In these circumstances, Novis and Flores are the tip of the ice berg what dimensionaly corrupt enterprise outsizes the California Supreme court’s ability to field except to deny Colonies outright which placates discovery on McMahon.

McMahon is huge in these affairs, likely because he himself is a black mass product which is why his bio is so secretive.

FBI is populated with the same fraternal brotherhood trash as as the local administration, and in particular with Mormons. LDS are favorable to this type of police work, because they don’t question authority, hence they make excellent dupes in the commission of such crimes as fraud, racketeering and extortion. They just go along with whatever they are told used to getting away with this by virtue of their collective Mason shield.

Notwithstanding, Redlands now has an ORION predator working this area under the supervision of Thomas Monson and his Satanic administrative quorum. Expect to see an increase in dead animals in strange places in these affairs during what time these monsters too are being stalked.

In the ideal macabre philosophy of the bifurcated Judaism state= the victim holds still while gutted. We’ll see about that.


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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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