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This is a difficult number to process in the mind of a public so easily conned by charlatan leadership they have forfeit soul and the right to Divine freedom to a predator what smile and affability masquerade sticks to the mind even when the mask is removed reveling the demon beneath.

People this stupid condemn themselves to theatrical performances such as Inland Region Center all the while they are simultaneously being damaged by another monster they have no clue entered their homes 2011 and is bearing down on them at this time.

Mossad Suxtent took out Fukushima (11 March 2011) using Japan as a proxy to attack the US, events like IRC (2 December 2015) staged to divert attention from the greater predator in a bifurcated attack on California.

The first a direct hit with fatal consequences pervading a ten year timeline, IRC engineered to keep your mind off the prevailing death fall from Fukushima which is in black out status with mainstream media, the second SB227 (30 June 2015) with a known death fall of 6 infants per 1000 vaccinated (Baal sacrifice). Check out the numbers.

11 March and 2 December are both 23, or the numeric reversal of 32. 23= Atramental Lodge 23, a covert function of the righteous Scottish Rite and this Satanic organization’s eugenics demon satellite, LDS church.

These numbers also identify the Suxtnet and IRC events with Orion stars Betelgeuse, Bellatrix and Mintaka (cumulative t4), the lower triangular shield of the start of David, and Alnitak, Rigel and Saiph (cumulative t6), the upper triangular shield of same. 2323= 1 as does 46= 1. Suxtnet= Israel.

Confirmation of Orion in these dates:

11 March 2011 (Fuku)
> 2 December 2015 (IRC)
> 4Y 8M 22D; 88 and 7 (base nine additive sums)
> 1727D, or 246W 5D; 88 and 7

88 and 7, Orion, duplicate once to assert confirmation of Orion MAG encryption protocol.

77= 5= 23= Atramental Lodge 23, an unregistered international Scottish Rite Lodge responsible for directing the activities of SKIRTS abductions, eugenics, assassinations, false flag and manufactured false flag events world wide.

The numbers speak the language of the METRIC psychopaths that are not only mindless in their own right, but they are taking and applying formulated agenda from their predatory masters and using this on the public in abeyance of the rule of law, people in the mainstream going along with this realizing they are being duped without understanding how or why.

The problem with the public is many people falsely believe Jesus will save and God will punish, and METRICS will make this appear to be so, people happy with the theater long as they can continue to benefit from the resources that are developed from such malingering with devil as it were.

The trade off is one of complicity with evil no longer able to cloak itself in mysticism making the threshold for capitulation very high. In other words, people generally are becoming aware of their role in these macabre circumstances, some fighting this.

27 is an easy number to understand if you know their language. The Redlands ONA is a 2.7 mile geocartographic identified with Elizabeth Short, Cheri Jo Bates, Laurie Lynn Partridge, Corinna Novis and Sylvia Marie Flores, the latter two we now understand to have involved Sheriff John McMahon as a ONA/Mossad asset perpetrator to human trafficking for torture.


2= Genesis 6:2 inverse hermeneutic the model of which for the black mass (posthumous death of the mother; Mary Ann Nichols/TE Lawrence) is the Serpent Bearer (Asclepius/8, Ophiuchus/1, Serpent Bearer/2), hence 22= Genesis 6:2 black mass and the very old process of breeding Satanic bloodlines. via SKIRTS Eugenics, LDS elite having claimed over one million such victims since 1857.

THIS is the business of John McMahon and Redlands ONA cohorts Redlands Temple administrator Gary Evan Bough, Mayor Carey Davis, DA mike Ramos, County Superintendent of Education Ted Alejandre, San Bernardino Sun Telegram and Businessman’s association.

These freaks have a raptor working us on McMahon’ written missive to me, Take your medication.” the message of which is retaliation on this information being made public. Some people they can enslave, Many they can not.

McMahon’s raptors are more perverted then fierce. Taking any of these down provoked is no task. The problem is admin is directing at making these circumstances prevail in separating me from my family, which is the point of it.

County is in on this strongly collaborated with the Mormon church (documented) with team LDS Holy man Gary Evan bough beside himself trying silence a whistle blower by mistake and misunderstanding.

About coastx

Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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