1- 2 January 1967; San Bernardion County a METRIC Drac’s Paradise


It just keeps getting weirder and weirder for these two occult smitten devils, Robocop’s reputation in the puppet strings of his elite Scottish Rite/LDS brotherhood, DA Batboy doing his official prosecutorial thing to salvage his righteous demon cohort, John McMahon.

Bearing in mind San Bernardino is rising in preeminence on shooting at cars from airborn, the phony Inland Regional Center psyop and er, ah… Sylvia Marie Flores, it does make sense to some to thoroughly vet Redland’s ONA Mossad mini in the Pusok assault, an event that was engineered to kill this man had the Divine not intervened. He was after- all ONA MAG protocol.

In case no one has noticed, both of these mindless METRIC psychopaths are often photographed stoic or smiling timed inappropriate to their engagement with the public, McMahon’s an over confidence giggle typical of someone who purchased his BA online, Ramos the ear to ear grin of a five year old.

The correct description for this behavior less DSM corroboration is the psycho- paedomorph the meaning of which is gross emotional immaturity best represented by the archetype, Rhoda Penmark. But wait! These two are supposed to be men, no? Bearded Aphrodite might explain the problem.

… Never mind. Too complicated.

The OTHER issue these two are dealing with- and the real reason they are prosecuting their own deps- is that Sheriff John McMahon was involved in the Snuff killing of Corina Novis (brotherhood initiation) and Sylvia Marie Flores (commemorative SKIRTS), which is also why he’s recently drawn close to his Scottish Rite brothers, the people that created him in the first place. Pusok diverts attention form Fores.

Watch McMahon closely and tell yourself what you are looking is natural and healthy affect. The thing to be concerned about here is the possibility he is medicated.

McMahon is coming in stealth both as a child (Apple Valley) and a public administrator (San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department) the message telegraphed to the local elite who are familiar with him that he is very likely black mass. This means his real mother was a SKIRTS victim, Mr McMahon himself very likely bred into existence by some Mormon mind fuck making whomever McMahon’s alleged mother is/was a surrogate.

One of the big public mysteries about McMahon is his date of birth. The reason for this is people who are vetting him in the backdrop of all the criminal stuff swarming around him. One can reasonably infer much of this is being guided by the hand of the local Scottish Rite/LDS elite inclusive of shielding him from prosecution and removal from office typical of racketeering in defiance of such federal legislation as RICO.

McMahon is evil, those who placed and are promoting him very much the masterworks of white collar criminal organization via the Freemasons. For the record, McMahon’s birth date is a predicted 1 or 2 January 1967, this information compliments of the (BLACK) Sun Telegram. It was encrypted in one of this Satanic media’s news articles.

The reason this date is important to the public is 1 or 2 January. The year may or may not be of importance. This date combination falls precisely midpoint between the 7 November 1986 and 25- 6 February 2013 snuff kills of Corinna Novis and Sylvia Maris Flores. In other words these slaying are anchored on McMahon’s birth date. The reason for this is McMahon initiated with his brotherhood on Novis and serviced an ONA/Mossad commemorative on Flores.

Now rethink a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputy shooting at a car from a helicopter in a situation that could have and should have been handled less lethal, Pusok, IRC, Obama making an appearance in McMahon’s lineup of the radical left to scope out a devil they made up, and McMahon’s initial placement without an election engineered around an exiting chief.

The problem here is the San Bernardino/Redlands public is not alerting on McMahon et al involvement in human trafficking for torture. San Bernardino county is a METRIC Drac’s paradise, the folks that live there one of the largest collectives of victim psychopaths on the planet.



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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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