Orion METRIC Elite= Schizophrenia; the future effectively belongs to the insane

esi_mcmahon schizo

Aside from not yet demonstrating that he hears voices, Sheriff John McMahon does appear to be delusional, suffer from avolition, lack of desire to form ordinarily human social relationships except with children who can not see through his charade and exhibits blunted/inappropriate affect.

Such a leadership problem in this case appears to be one of mental health. Maybe the reason for this is Metric administration recruited for a predisposition for schizophrenia, the point of this service to any macabre asset needs typical of sociopath fraud and racketeering organizations, in particular state terrorism.

Meanwhile the public looks on in bewilderment hoping for salvation from Jesus and punishment from God which did nothing to preserve the lives of goyim Corinna Novis and Sylvia Marie Flores.

Bifurcated Judaism’s Scottish Rite/LDS have institutionalized a frat application that blocks intelligence and reason, coordinates contradiction with the rule of law and so fucks with the public destruction of domestic infrastructure via schizoaffective disorder is an inevitability.

The correct idea is the Scottish Rite Freemason 32 degrees of righteous indoctrination that subordinates intelligence to a practiced inverse hermeneutic demon. If you weren’t one going in, and they are very careful to recruit these power, you become one upon your first kill project, particularly if you are a child.

CIA trained Ted Bundy took his first victim when he was 10. Bundy’s known proven career was 30 victims. Independent researchers estimate his actual lifetime kill rate was over 200. In reality, CIA is not permitted to work covert in the US, enter international Mossad and MI6 collaborators who can and do work covertly in the US, the former believed to be an administrative cell hosted by the LDS and identified with the Redlands temple, typical.

Lie be real is the basis of such domestic malngering, the point of this to manufacture in the public a state of mind that indulges and tolerates the macabre of schizoaffective violence and punishment on those who oppose them, hence the HRS solidarity pledge and their ungodly use of snuff raptors on the public, current examples of which are Gabriela Calzada and Briana Gallegos (Los Angeles, October 2015).

In these circumstances the public likewise acculturates inclined to tolerance of such events as Elizabeth Short, Cheri Jo Bates, Laurie Lynn Partridge, Corinna Novis, Sylvia Marie Flores, Calzada, Gallegos ANAI, sick leadership in the backdrop playing off such macabre as the work of madmen which is in fact the work of our fraternal pledged elected officials.

The Mason/Orion righteous demon is the model for such leadership, typically insane and predisposed to triptych manipulation of targeted individuals for entertainment, hence snuff killing of innocents like God himself was directing this, which these METRIC ghouls would have the public believe.

A typical ineffective civic alert in these circumstances is people falsely believe they can moralize such disturbed others to normalcy, a cheap way of getting around vetting the beast as it were. This is where the public fails to take sustained responsibility not only to remove this monster from office, but to look closer at the circumstances that put him there in the first place.

Schizophrenics are notoriously resistant to domestication, and rationalized METRIC they are institutionally dangerous to society, obviously. Had Bundy not been so sloppy in his bowtie slayings he wouls have ascended the DC Iron Triangle no one knowing for the better he was ever involved in kidnapping and murder.

In a nutshell, it is this researcher’s opinion the Scottish Rite/LDS righteous demon is in fact the METRIC equivalent of the schizophrenic and lesser schizoaffective disorder typical of many rank and file Masons and LDS examples of which populated the 2 December 2015 Inland Regional Center psyop.

The  actual IRC preps were the state employed terrorists masquerading emergency drill, media hammering this as reality on an otherwise gullible, poorly informed and insouciant public, intelligence and reason subordinated to the fraternal righteous demon anti-hero of our day.

There are currently six million Mormons in the US, approximately 2% of the population, including children. NIMH statistics rate 1.1% of the adult population with schizophrenia. Also, in 1959 2% of the US population was Mason what numbers have dropped to less than .5% today with a similar drop in Mormon rank and file, albeit the latter is 50 years behind the former.

Bear in mind FBPO cohorts can profile schizoaffective disorder in police hiring interviews. Couple this with qualified immunity and feelings of fear threat assessment and we are faced with a destructive force so blind to consequence the only reasonable perception of these circumstances is restoration of medieval feudalism.

Revisiting the statistic, does this mean the Scottish Rite METRIC reaches a saturation point that is presumably conflicted with the majority public unwilling to acquiesce to non-normal behavior? If correct, one can anticipate a decline in Mason credibility in the pubic which would explain bifurcated Judaism periodically redesigning their corrupt leadership METRIC, hence the failure of Judaism itself to sustain it’s Zion project except through reorganization the current form of which is the UN.

For the unaware UNITED NATIONS= Danite T(au) Unions. Tau is the 19th letter of the Greek alphabet. 19th letter of the English alphabet= S for snake, hence the Brotherhood of the Snake which is bifurcated Judaism in all of it’s manifestations inclusive of Scottish Rite Freemasons and the LDS church, the S in LDS denoting same encrypted. Danite T(au) Unions thus= Danite SNAKE Unions pressing forward the bearer of the snake (Ophiuchus) from antiquity. Also, although 7 is a t value encryption for the Orion constellation AKA Freemasons, it is also the t value for snake:

7 (base nine additive sum)

Masons= Brotherhood of the Snake.

With the growth of technology there is a parallel need for development of a government application that lends itself to schizoid leadership commensurate with the public’s tolerance for same, enter pharma, GMO, false flag and state sponsored terrorism and a public so baited to a hedonist preoccupation with food, sex and degenerate entertainment, the future predictably belongs to sick leadership like McMahon… and the insane.



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