PCR/Inland Regional Center

Response to Paul Craig Roberts Fear on Demand

IRC was a manufactured false flag. Where false flags engage and actually produce death, manufactured false flags are the stuff of crisis strategy agitprop street theater (CAST) productions and the business of such think tanks as Obsidian Analysis and SRA international coordinated with DHS, FEMA and subordinating state and local police agencies.

We are close enough to IRC to say with confidence (7 miles) that IRC was NOT a false flag but was in fact a CAST production conducted in tandem with SWAT field activities near there. There are other problems with this involving San Bernardino attempting to shield itself from involvement in human trafficking for torture in connection with Corinna Novis (1986) and Sylvia Marie Flores (2013), and any real and authentic investigation aught to focus here instead.

These psychopath METRICS can throw all the military horror they like at the public to attempt to force this information down. It’s not going to work. FUCK John McMahon and his imaginary schizoid wet works raptors.

Novis and Flores are linked to the LDS temple anchored Redlands ONA, a real and pressing threat to the inland region and serviced by a local administrative cohort, one of whom is believed to be directly involved in the Novis and Flores slayings, sheriff John McMahon, Novis (his FBPO initiation) and Flores (commemorative).

There are huge issues here, since Redlands ONA may in fact be a Mossad cell involved in three other disappearances/slayings: Elizabeth Short (1947), Cheri Jo Bates (1966) and Laurie Lynn Partridge (1974). These young woman were taken/slaughtered like animals in keeping with the Jew attitude toward the goy public that non-Jews are animals and to be regarded as such, just they don’t dare confront public straight on, for obvious reasons.

For your information, (pharaoh) Abrahams was believed to have been schizophrenic, (pharoah) Moses AKA Akhenaten pretty much the stuff of the later Machiavelli. In a nutshell, between the two of them we got bifurcated Judaism’s moral Christian mainstream the back drop of which is the Freemasons, Scottish Rite and Mormon church, the latter two a manifestation of the Orion constellation principled on the Serpent Bearer or Brotherhood of the Snake.

Scottish Rite/LDS recruit schizophrenic leadership typical of Abraham’s disposition and are fully institutionalized on Akhenaten’s inverse hermeneutic. Elite Mason’s are HRS triptych pledged and do whatever they are told to remain solvent with their masters, at will on the public to aggrandize schizophrenic mayhem, and to avoid the death consequence for redaction.

Whatever motivated IRC, this event was largely populated by police who know very little about McMahon’s involvement in the Novis and Flores snuff slayings and rather do whatever they are told typical of psychological slaves controlled by a mental health METRIC. They are themselves lowlifes, willing to sabotage the public for a buck, and are themselves also expendable in the end. Nazi Germany taught people nothing about what happens to low level collaborators in such circumstances.

Also, Global Research= Obsidian Analysis media. IRC was dirty, the pseudo heroes in this event nothing more than an unholy alliance with a devil sheriff and his ONA cohorts that perp college coeds, African American medical students and 23 year old prostitutes. IRC, like Francis Pusok, was engineered to draw attention away from McMahon’s public becoming acutely aware there is something very wrong with this monster, so much so they empowered him to take out several of his own deputies to salvage his reputation against a backdrop of involvement in snuff kidnapping for torture.

For the record, IRC latitude= 34 04 30N as does Judson and Brown Elementary School in Redlands, the latter one of seven points on the 2.7 mile geocartographic Redlands ONA anchored on the Redlands LDS temple and Melchizedek controlled Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs. Be assured the administrator at Finchy has soul married every one of his elementary students, the public there as stupid as it is across the US. IRC, like the Redlands ONA, was MAG encrypted.

esi_redlands ona image jumble

METRICS are schizoid by design. Such leadership is profiled and selected for this characteristic, the public’s inability to persuade normalcy of such the ineffectiveness of moralizing a mental health issue that does not respond to socialization. One of the other misconceptions of these institutional bogeymen is they believe they are following some noble cause bearing on improving the human race. That’s a lie to attempt to salvage their miserable lives when they get caught.

These people are completely aware of what they are doing, always, the public, or goy at it were, a game animal to the end in their we v them press into domestic infrastructure to manufacture also there perfect inbred and Black mass eugenics satanic Jew race bloodlines world wide.

IRC was a manufactured false flag, the point of it to attempt to suppress this infomration regarding the creation of an inland Mossad cell anchored on the Redlands LDS temple.

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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