Canaan Rising

esi_ masons= canaan

People acculturated to mainstream Christianity will have no part of this discussion. The exodus occurred the way it is described in the bible. Done deal. Anything that deviates from this perspective gets ignored to the detriment of those whose minds are closed to reality: however, there is another story.

Considering that much of our time spent is eating, reproducing and playing or sleeping, and that we identify this lifestyle with Christian God BLESS America! with little to no regard for our lessors, there is something about this pseudo reality that terribly inconsistent with character. In fact, there is so much wrong with this one has to step away from this mainstream of hedonism to get the correct perspective on what is actually happening.

We have forfeit human relationships to aggrandize dietary satiation, indiscriminate sex and degenerate entertainment, and people remarkably believe this is normal. Fast food has been poisoned with chemicals. Gender relationships are producing ungodly numbers of abortions and disease. The party culture has trapped the mind with sentimentalism. This isn’t Christianity. It’s Canaan!

Canaan celebrated on a diet of meat in competition with the agrarian diet of the Egyptians. Meat is toxic to the human body. Babies, children and animals were sacrificed to Baal. Is this any different than what Planned Parenthood does w/abortion and pharma with research? Some idiot child sacrifice advocate actually has a five year outlier abortion on the books for legislation. That’s a five year old. America is awash in garbage entertainment that idealizes hatred, occult and death.

Who do we get for leadership in these wild assed circumstances? Administrators both local and national identified with the entity that lofted Canaan on the world in the first place, the pseudo Jew that starved the Hebrews during their captivity, polarized occult leadership with a moral standard of conduct and set up the administration we know today as the Freemason and their satellite organizations Mormon church and United nations.

The way this works is simple. The mainstream  moralized on righteousness is baited to insouciance via debauchery all the while leadership is cultivated from a naturally occurring population of bearded Aphrodites and people with schizoaffective disorder what ultimate solidarity pledge is the Baal sacrifice. The Mason METRIC gradient is sado-padeophilia.

Conflict ensues, the mainstream blamed for it’s part in not recognizing having been baited to debauchery, the elite poised to depopulate via any number of sadistic enterprises it can further blame on a public that has it done it’s civics homework would never have been in these circumstances in the first place.

The truly stupid person is able to perceive reality but will do nothing to shield form a predator. This is why bifurcated Judaism regards non Jews as Goyim. In reality, the mainstream acculturated to hedonism is a feeder species at the will of the triumphant Judah lion and hence the claw, fang and stealth bearing in it’s international corporate logo, the Star of David.

Freemasons are Canaan. Such leadership is not rated for it’s ethics. Mason elite are regarded for how much damage they can do and survive a public lynching.


About coastx

Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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