CNSF/113 Orion

esi_obama 7 orion mason

Imagine if POTUS were an agent of the British government what the consequence would be to Americans to allow this to go unchecked. Too late!

Obama’s Citizen National Security Force (CNSF) is a part of a Mason controlled Nazi movement that will eventually capitulate US government to that of nationalist Israel. While this may seem a noble enterprise, one might want to take a closer look at what has happened to Palestine in very similar circumstances.

In keeping with the Mason practice of putting such macabre plain sight, CNSF is telegraphing the Star of David (SOD) to an otherwise stupid public, people not motivated to do civics having no clue Fukushima was Israel’s first move on a nation the people of which have been so baited to insouciance they don’t even know they’ve been hit.

Working from the image here, understand that columns 2 and 4, stars in the Orion constellation, Betelgeuse, Bellatrix and Mintaka, form the downward pointing shield on the SOD logo. The upward pointing shield is formed by Alnitak, Rigel and Saiph.

Each star has an encrypted Mason number the public is unaware of. The image referenced above identifies these numbers. What’s to be understood is Betelgeuse (1), Bellatrix (3) and Mintaka (9)= base nine additive sum 4; Alnitak (6), Rigel (5) and Saiph (4)= base nine additive sum 6. 4 and 6= 46= base nine additive sum 1. These two groups superimposed form the SOD logo.

In other words, the numeric triptych value of the Star of David is 1. Using the same code, CNSF also encrypts 1:

1 (base nine additive sum)

CNSF= the Star of David.

We can write this off as a mistake and misunderstanding like everything else they do: however they have doubled up this telegraph with a confirmation that is not a mistake or misunderstanding the consequence for ignoring this the US being Israeli militarized acculturated via CNSF.

39298551 51296513 15339927 66935
13 (base nine additive sum)


Confirmation of this as an international Mason project occurs with the t values of the Mason colors black/white and red/blue:



= 1 (base nine additive sum)



= 13 (base nine additive sum)

PROOF B: Mason colors black/white and red/blue= 113

1= SOD, 3 SOD+ Alnilam (1), hence 13; 13 the Menorah represented by one candle in the middle, three Orion stars (SOD panels) either side. The nine candle Menorah= the eight primary stars of Orion+ Orion’s sword AKA phallus and is identified with Jeff Epstein and once again the Redlands, California, Mossad entity, Order of the Nine Angels.

1+ 13= the Star of David and Menorah, both Orion symbols which correctly identify Israel as a Zionist movement dating 4000 years BCE to antiquity, the source of which is the serpent bearer and likely Proto- Indo European Druids.

The serpent bearer= Brotherhood of the Snake= bifurcated Judaism= Scottish Rite Masons= Mormon (Mormo) church= Obama/CNSF and the symbol of the snake coiling back on itself and holding it’s own tail in it’s mouth, the correct idea being self-replication. 

PROOF C:Victims organizing against their perpetrators= 113 playback

Laurie Lynn Partridge
Abducted by the LDS church and bred to Spencer Kimball
4 December 1974

Corinna Novis
Abducted and snuff murdered, McMahon SBCSD initiation.
7 November 1986; November 7 McMahon’s obsession with 27

Sylvia Marie Flores
26 February 2013

1+ 13


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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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