Blood Atonement


Blood atonement is a Judah noble masquerade which mystifies the public and attempts to coerce nonresistance to a genocide coup on non Jew communities. Literally, they are not only culling goy (non Jew) children, they are attacking their parents and entire communities for complaining about it.

God save the public from any discussion that comes up Judah pejorative in connection with blood atonement and human sacrifice (Scottish Rite Masons, LDS, Mossad, Redlands ONA ANAI). Retaliation is an inevitability on a public that forgets upon a walk away. Judah keeps records and will attack generationally.

To give the reader an idea of what’s happening here with sheriff John McMahon, simultaneous to my having sat down to type this missive, his residential raptor commenced banging on the floor in the condominium rental unit directly above our own on the following timeline:

08:23 PM 13
08:38 PM 113
08:41 PM 13
08:59 PM 13
09:22 PM 13
10:12 PM 13

McMahon MAG gangland. It’s the same code police use.

The little toad doing this is Watchtower. LDS recruit their felon street raptors from this organization and B’nai B’rith. They create all sorts of trouble, sheriff dismissing this schizoaffective gremlin’s death threat as a mistake and misunderstanding. McMahon is servicing an LDS blood atonement on my family in perpetuity. He’s sick.

Some people are fighting these circumstances which is why Jerry righteous demon Brown and his Peter Pan subordinating class is doing a Rhoda Penmark on the California public with legislation that goyim must commit their children to a child sacrifice lottery in perpetuity (SB227), Californians all too eager to please this demon so they are keeping with a goodness expectation typical of a prey species.

The AIPAC standard for suppressing public intelligence on Jew malingering with racketeered human trafficking for torture (Elizabeth Short, Cheri Jo Bates, Laurie Lynn Partridge, Corinna Novis)= this organization’s notorious victimization triptych: contempt, superiority and pejorative anti-antisemitism, the point of which is a coercive psychological guilt trip and unconstitutional civil punishment on anyone that disagrees with them, including death when they can get away with hit.

The purpose of Judaic-Maso recruitment of schizoaffective leadership in the first place is blood sacrifice of goy, the point of outlawing discussion that prohibits disclosure on this purpose to make the public complaint with their own exploitation and the same of their children, and the very stupid California public is going along with this. These METRIC monsters would like people to believe they do not have a 1st amendment. To that I respond, FUCK schizoaffective Sheriff John McMahon.

Upon awakening to the realization this stuff is actually going on, people typically ask, Why is this happening?! This is not the correct response. The fact is this is happening, and entities responsible for this at the local level are the Scottish Rite Freemason and and LDS elite. There isn’t anyone in administration in San Bernardino that is not affiliated with the Judaic-Maso Scottish Rite Freemasons and LDS, and all are subsequently involved in solidarity pledged racketeering and fraud, which is why they are killing young women.

Keeping people stupid prevents Crypto’s victims from regrouping to restore normalcy. While this has worked down through ages, there are people they should never have fucked with that are poised to end this. This is not a threat. It’s prophecy. Judah and it’s Crypto enterprise will fall as has been the fate of every tyrant species that ever inhabited this planet.

The petty tyrants of San Bernardino and their snuff raptors are a passing phenomenon, their righteous masquerade a cheap carnival magic show that when it’s over these charlatans will occupy the hell they served on others. Partridge/1, Novis/6 and Flores /7 (113) changed these circumstances in perpetuity, publicly telegraphed.


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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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