Judah Utopia

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A schizoaffective cloud is beginning to loft on the American public by design. If people are looking for answers, it’s sex, reproduction and eugenics, the first two bait, the third an ambush.

Judah utopias are notoriously populated with only two classes: elite and their slaves, and the American Scottish Rite/LDS solidarity pledge confirms this upon an otherwise gullible, poorly informed and insouciant public.

Judah utopias are thus inclined against the non Jew public, leadership resourcing itself with slaves, the public none the wiser for the simple reason people in the mainstream refuse to think. They bait to aggrandizement of a desire for satiation, the higher mind likewise enslaved to the lower. This behavior acculturates to a domestic application that makes ambush an inevitability.

Such a perfect society for our day lofted on two methods to acculturate people to a relationship with the elite they would voluntary acknowledge: 1) the Christianity hijack by Nicaea and Constantine to pacify the public, and 2) the creation of proletariat Judas Goats through which puppet leadership would serve as nexus for controlling the slave public.

There is never any risk of losing control, because solidarity pledged administrators are trained to radicalize when confronted with a threat. The stronger the threat, the more powerfully linked their response to suppress. Priesthoods do the same thing.

An example of the immediately forgoing was Inland Regional Center (2 December 2015) which was used to divert attention from San Bernardino County administration involvement in the Corinna Novis (1986; McMahon initiation) and Sylvia Marie Flores (2013; commemorative) snuff slayings asset perped by Redlands ONA/Mossad. IRC also laid a multi agency threat against the researchers that documented Sheriff McMahon’s involvement in human trafficking for torture.

As long as people remain addicted to Crypto’s ha ha ha pee ness resources, these things will never be known, the consequence for eventually understanding this occupation projects like open borders and immigration to to squeeze Americans out typical of radicalized leadership and their Judah masters.

The worst of this is LDS SKIRTS eugenics people in the mainstream have no idea what this is or the numbers these monsters have culled to sentimental breed their Satanic bloodlines, McMahon himself very likely a product of such malingering with Scottish Rite racketeered sentimental breeding.

Zion is the perpetual utopia of Judah. The primary example of how these social engineers from hell regard failure= blood atonement, assassination and population genocide… until they get it correct.

Nick Grayhall

During a creepy Judah corporate CNN interview, congressman Nick Grayhall described the Masons as, “… a brotherhood built on constructing good men.” which is Zio double speak for their elite’s involvement in SKIRTS sentimental black mass breeding. It’s an understatement to say this man is very sick. He’s a 32nd degree product of the Mason METRIC the inversion of which is their highly secretive Atramental Lodge 23 principled on the inverse of Genesis 6:2 (t2).

Mason elite are black mass sentimental breeders, and they don’t give a fuck about getting caught, because they are shielded by their fraternal brotherhood rank and file lessers that have no idea what they are doing. They are righteous demon identified with the singular purpose of breeding Zion into existence at the expense of the Divine’s mission to populate this planet with humanity.

The good men psychopath Grayhall is referring to are black mass products manufactured from rape and sacrifice of their eve captives culled from the mainstream for the explicit purpose of manufacturing their Satanic bloodlines examples of which were the LDS perped Holloway and Gardner abductions.

Grayhall is a bait and ambush predator typical of Mason protocol, and CNN is helping him press the mentality on the stupid public. Also, for the record, the Mason square has nothing to do with upstanding character. That’s a noble lie. The Mason compass and square are the solstice and equinox, respectively.

That Grayhall would lie about this alone is a recall issue. Giving a liar the confidence of leadership itself a statement on a public predisposed to self-sabotage.

This CNN interview is being used to telegraph to the public what they do, people generally too stupid to perceive Mason Genesis 6:2 protocol on the inverse hermeneutic.This way when they get caught they’ll argue they told the public what they were doing, that no one had argument with it.

Judah does correctly understand that the mainstream is stupid as hell and the reason they can get away with this, their elite among the most sado-perverted people in society, exactly the population the international Masons were set up to recruit.

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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