CNN/Creepy Freemason Dis-Info Propaganda

re CNN Creepy Freemason Dis-Info Propaganda

@4:30 evil creepy laugh…

Q: “…secret?”
A: “Ha…”

7 (Mason acknowledgement)

2 (Genesis 6:2; also serpent bearer, see below)

serpent bearer
1597552 251959

72= 27= 2 and 7, or the inverse of Genesis 6:2 same as eugenics SKIRTS kidnapping/sentimental breeding. It’s in the Bible. This is their protocol.

7= Masons, this number a derivative of the triptych encryption of base nine additive sums of the names of the eight primary stars of Orion.

27= 9, also inverse as 6, and is the magic number for their righteous demon.

13= solstice/equinox as is the Mason square and compass, respectively.

Every Mason of status among their elite has taken the solidarity pledge and will radicalize on command to suppress information which points to their involvement in eugenics black mass breeding.

Rank and file will fall in as ordered to protect the elite and likewise their frat status and resources they have been provided with to racketeer fraud and felony crimes involving kidnapping, assassination and genocide.

Street raptors network abductions and such for their Mason handlers in city and county administrations what nexus with the street= ONA/Mossad in Redlands, California, since 1947, two years before Mossad was officially commissioned.

Masons form the core of bifurcated Judah’s 6000 year old Zion movement, in the US masquerading republican (Torah) and democrat (Talmud) giving the American public the impression this society is special and protected by covenant, which it is not.

The serpent bearing down on the public via their righteous demon HRS triptych is a Mason prime directive.

They get away with this, because people refuse to think for themselves and will not vet elected officials for character issues. Masons have created the most prolific and predatory administrations known to mankind.


From a 1988 commercial:

N- E- S- T- L- E- S
Nestle’s makes the very best

Nestles makes the very best= 7 syllables
chocolate= 2 syllables

During this commercial a woman wearing a white chiffon dress floats across the screen in what appears to be a surrealistic setting.

The connection to reality is this female is the celebrated abducted eve in Mason/LDS SKIRTS renditions, this commercial telegraphing to the public the black mass rendition of her fetus after nine months of captive abuse and trauma by her Mason captive, the idea conveyed to the public that her death, bitter as she experienced her end, would have been a welcomed relief from the hell she lived the last nine months of her life.

This information is beyond most people who after reading this will dismiss this out of mind non sequitur with the Mason noble lie this organization is one of humanitarianism.

They manufacture this stuff concurrent with astrological phenomenon which in the case of the Nestles commercial was the Galileo January flyby of Jupiter. Jupiter is the God of Human sacrifice and the subject of the LDS Tubal Cain Vulcania.

In this way they are acculturating the US to a Judaic-Maso utopia in which leadership has bred itself into satanic bloodlines, the public bred to stupid to care. They cull Novus Eves te back drop of which is Mason administration.

Novus are leadership DNA. Remove her from the mainstream, breed and slaughter her at birth of her fetus and the elite thus seal themselves to demonic tyranny in perpetuity masquerading any number of humanitarian cons which the public doesn’t have the depth to perceive or understand subsequent predictive double bind and radical controls.

Creepy eat, fuck, party Americans may be too late figuring this out.


20 December 2015 I am a targeted individual, so situations like this are common. Since I have vetted sheriff John McMahon and his ONA administrative cohort for SKIRTS corruption in connection with LDS temple president Gary Evan Baugh simultaneously uncovering their coveted Redlands ONA project, they are sustaining an adversarial presence to attempt to silence me. I was already being stalked by the LDS church for my 1995 redaction from this Magic Kingdom alternative to Disneyland. Re above, “Street raptors network…” We had  drive by this evening by a vehicle occupied by what sounded like young adults. 7:24 PM they parked adjacent our parking space and blew their car horn twice. They remained there exactly one minute, then drove away. Time encryption= 724= 4 and 1924= 7, the combination of which is 47, or 1947 for CIA. They were also telegraphing the 1924 image of George Hodel masquerading as Joseph Smith confirming LDS malingering with at will occult rendition. I have made many written references about this image making it impossible for them to con the public they alleged this to be an authentic picture of Joseph Smith. It’s George Hodel, the primary suspect in the Elizabeth Short killing (1947).  It is likely these young people were either LDS missionaries or Watchtower prowling for provocation typical of their ad hoc service to  local ONA/Mossad administration with knowledge about the relationship between the CIA and Mossad in Redlands, California. Local elite train their children in t his way. This is how Ted Bundy was trained as well. At any rate, the point of this event is believed to have been directed at servicing Sheriff John McMahon’s desire to provoke a deadly confrontation, typical.

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