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re Rabbi Finkelstein Interview

Much as I respect you, I have argument with your latest publication.

Before I get started, my favorite part of this is your reference to Judah  leadership as perverts and bribe-takers. Very correct albeit absent of the fact they are also notorious solidarity pledge predators inclusive of stated examples of kidnapping for torture you seem to be currently feigning oblivious about.

You make Judah prevarication w/human sacrifice seem boyish by comparison to what is actually going on, and in your playbook it’s okay to accuse Freemasons of just about anything insofar as this organization does not tap your shoulder re Scottish Rite/LDS SKIRTS and eugenics breeding internationally.

Anything pointing to Jew culpability and your own shields go up, the point of this preservation of your own masquerade as a righteous demon.


Regarding Jews using gentile children as hamburger meat, the hamburger issue came up internationally 2008 when McDonalds was alleged to have tested a value meal product manufactured from human fetus in it’s forbidden kitchen in China.

You dismissing this as a hoax makes you a part of their disinformation campaign. What better way to maintain some influence over a victim population than to endear people to a highly intelligent schizoaffective charismatic that produces disinformation on command.

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