10 May 2013 Letter to Jerry Brown re Solidarity Pledge

10 May 2013 Letter to Jerry Brown

Hello, Mr. Brown. My name is XXXXXX XXXXX. I am a California resident, and I am making the following statement in good faith that you will honor your oath of office and not order my assassination, unless you already have. I suspect the latter is probably correct but am compelled nonetheless to say my mind about your involvement in liberal politics.

I oppose gun control, because this macabre legislation further weakens our resistance to occult government the primary purpose of which is acculturation to child sacrifice. People would outright fight this if they understood where you were headed with it.

You’re an attorney and a bright man, but you are also a monster. The latter has proved itself by means of your involvement in a political culture that is hell bent repatriation via an organization that rewards it’s pledges with unchecked access to money, drugs and sex, an example of which was Pete Wilson’s involvement in the Polly Klass abduction. There are others.

The end game in your psychologically macabre Crypto Judiac Fabian Society preoccupation with control in abeyance of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights, is occult rendition. What I am telling you I know, Mr. Brown, is you are a member in an organization that is promoting acculturation to kidnapping for torture and sacrifice. Specifically, your organization targets children for sacrifice for entertainment. You have SSO immunity for your crimes, and you are a legislative proxy for Wales and the British Monarchy.

There’s no conscience on this. People are stupid and blissful; they don’t want to think, which is partly how you are getting away with your crimes. I don’t have truck with bringing you to justice. I don’t do that. I figure if people were bright and interested enough to care that will happen soon enough administratively. In the meanwhile, I am making you aware you are no longer stealth with your preoccupation with personality issues.

At my end, I have just engendered my family and social network. At yours, I have just activated your protective shield. You don’t have to be afraid of me, Mr. Brown. I’m not violent, nor am I a vigilante. I still respect the governor’s office, just you don’t belong there, for obvious reasons. Again, my purpose is to make you aware you are no longer stealth. What this means is you are going to undergo exposure on your involvement in kidnapping children for torture.

Your own network is a prolific child sacrifice culture. It is expanding in the US with help from and celebrated by you, and since you’ve targeted my own child, I am going to expose you.

I think you’ll notify your AIPAC/ADL contacts immediately. That’s what you do when there’s been a leak. Then you start killing people to shut them up, hence the convenience of S1867.1021.

Mr. Brown, before you get carried away with retaliation, do be aware you DO NOT own the planet, nor do your Globalist affiliates. While you may temporarily be the schoolyard bullies, the teacher is coming. A real teacher. Someone who understands what you are doing and the correct and peaceful way to address this via your very own macabre legislation.

You’re a killer, Mr. Brown. Worst still, you’re a child killer, and you are hiding behind the mask of your noble SSO what knighthood or status as cleric, craft or high priest hides who you really are. You hide this, because were people to know this about you they would stop you. Right now they are in a state of bliss. They love and respect you, but they don’t know you.

Please resign.


Jerry Brown response to this letter was SB227

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