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I am an American, so I am intimately aware of this culture. I am also educated. My work has taken me into one of the most dynamic and dysfunctional institutions of US domestic infrastructure, public education.

Education is overwhelmed by sycophants, under staffed with thinkers. The same is true of politics, administrations involving management of large groups of people notoriously controlled by petty tyrants. There are exceptions to the latter, but not many.

This missive addresses petty tyrant, Jerry Brown. There’s a joke online Mr. Brown is familiar with that he doesn’t like (see paragraph 8 below). He so opposes this humor he will kill people to stop this from being made public, enter the reason for this discussion.

People should be aware of Mr. Brown’s predisposition to hatred and the manner in which he networks his retaliation upon the public for the 1st amendment protected transgressions of individuals who have confronted him about his bizarre brotherhood connections. I confronted him with this letter 10 May 2013 to which he responded 781 (base nine additive sum 7, Mason supremacy) days later 30 June 2015 with SB227.

Midpoint on this correspondence was 4 and 5 June 2014. At that time San Bernardino county made a grab for my handicapped daughter networked with Sheriff John McMahon and the LDS church and one of their local residential provocateurs. This is fully documented with San Bernardino Superior Court, the sheriff’s department and Adult services what event was paramount to racketeered human trafficking. DFEH was involved in this and denied my petition for relief on the basis that I had no proof to substantiate my claim against the provocateur.

Mr. Brown has a sick sense of humor. My birth date is 27 February, or 227. I explicitly discussed Mr. Brown’s involvement in child sacrifice in my 10 May letter to him. He responded by legislating medically assisted child sacrifice, the retaliatory kill rate for this letter six infants per one thousand vaccinated, a manifestation of radical politics with hallmark presentation of intentionally vexing political corruption, impunity in public institutions, and politician alliances with dangerous criminal gangs. All of this in response to confronting reality with this political freak.

Mr. Brown had help writing his SB227 legislation from a medical expert, Senator Dr. Richard Pan. Senator Pan, whom I will refer to as Peter Pan to facilitate familiarity with the reader, may or may not be aware of this letter. I suspect he is, since he’s fraternal brotherhood with Mr. Brown and as such a racketeering asset to stateside fraud and corruption.

In effect SB227 is racketeered legislation and retaliation on having made the public aware of Brown’s frat practice of child sacrifice via their coveted solidarity pledge, so angering our psychopath governor that he legislated medically assisted child sacrifice to assert occult preeminence for punishment, Mr. Peter Pan his lackey in the medical community and state legislature to help him foist this retaliation on the public.

For those who are paying attention, Jesus isn’t coming, and neither is God.  People letting these monsters get away with this, the public’s God is thus chosen. Corruption is what it is, and in this case Mr. Jerry Jesuit Brown will do anything imaginable to shield himself and his fraternal brotherhood from detection by the very same public he is punishing for my letter.

Typical of frat malingering, Brown has lofted a noble legislature of rank and file Scottish Rite/LDS masons (these are the same entity) to both shield himself from the public having been made aware of his occult roots and attack the researcher that made this public discussion in the first place, and he’s using bear hounding (human hunting) to this end with the implicit mission of producing a kill.

There is no catalyst for character in these circumstances, and there’s no fight if people do not challenge this.

A copy of this has been forwarded to San Bernardino Superior Court mediator, Bob Habel, who twice told me to take out a last will and testament both during an IHSS re-certification meeting and afterward on the telephone in call to me initiated by him.

Superior court was involved in this meeting after the county social worker became fearful when I challenge her initial requested meeting date based on astrological malingering duplicating circumstances of the previous year. I described this to her in a letter to which county responded by making a death threat.


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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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