False Flag Terrorism

esi_false flag

False flag events are regarded by the government as necessary to national security. States play this up in highly orchestrated real and theatrical kill events masquerading some righteous purpose.

In this researcher’s opinion, what is actually happening is people who are conducting these activities are playing hunters of human game. This isn’t national security. It’s mental health.

FALSE FLAG  Covert engineered domestic terrorism made to appear as though such acts are being carried out by entities other than those who actually do them.

THEATRICAL FALSE FLAG  Propaganda which portrays false flag events the purpose of which is writing legislation that would otherwise be deemed immoral or unethical by the public.

Two corporate entities that are making false flag terrorism look normal in the US mainstream are Obsidian Analysis and SRA International with absolutely no information sharing about this in the public.


Regardless of alleged stated motivation, domestic terrorism is rooted Impulse Control Disorder and is finding it’s way in to the mainstream as the norm. Police and sheriff are using a profiling METRIC that targets this behavior in their recruitment process. Such individuals are eager to harm others. FBPO shield’s them from accountability.

This is the same reason Scottish Rite/LDS solidarity pledged political elite do commemorative human sacrifice in connection w/stateside public appearances. In this case they kill for the hell of it to maintain solvency with whatever political fraternal organization controls their work recent examples of which were Gabriella Calzada and Briana Gallegos (25 October 2015).

such leadership is recruited willing to play death macabre against the back drop of the rule of law and maintain solvency with the public, this the proof of their ability to hijack, reform and mystify via the Orion METRIC  righteous demon, behavior only an unconscionable person is capable of.

People falsely believe only those of character ascend to leadership in public administration. It’s actually the opposite. Fraternal recruitment looks for, grooms and pledges those who are indelibly schizoaffective, naturally motivated to harm others and who are willing to accept rewards for their racketeered asset support.

With the exception of their preoccupation with death and maiming others, theatrical or otherwise, public administrators are also deadbeats who have been taught to con the public righteous opportunistic to for periodic demonic sorties the point of which is either real or imagined mayhem to aggrandize their lack of impulse control and sustained desire to harm others.

Equivalent domestic presentation of such are fox and bear hounding and open season game hunting on such docile species as rabbit, duck, elk, dear and shark, and of course this is all magic to the mainstream what public by virtue of default has subsequently aligned itself with false flag terrorism.

For the record, SB227 is false flag terrorism, Jerry Jesuit Brown’s vaccination mandate having been engineered to attack the public for having been exposed involved in frat child sacrifice. The mandate is a diversion and retaliation on this information masquerading phony pubic health issue. Brown is mental health masquerading leadership typical of his ilk.



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