San Bernardino Frat METRIC OpEd


If you wanted to start a culture club from hell, recruit leadership assembled of some of the dirtiest characters on the planet.

Divide the organization between an elite class and rank and file membership identifying in those of a nature for schizoaffective preoccupation with sadism and paedophilia. Use ordinary membership to convey to the pubic the false notion that your association is a good works organization.

Institutionalize an HRS METRIC with a macabre solidarity pledge strong enough to bind elite membership to fraternal mission creep, reward racketeering and fraud corruption with resources and regularly assert shock and awe upon the public and you will own same.

Crimes racketeered between elite and rank and file would never be brought to justice; the public acculturated to the noble cause image such malingering creates would never believe such departure from a way of thinking otherwise.

No crime perpetrated by the elite would ever come to justice, periodic commemorative human sacrifice of the public the contravening albeit immoral, unethical and civilly and criminally perverted law of the land.

This is the Scottish Rite Freemasons and Satellite subordinating cohort, Latter Day Saints, the actual and real purpose of the latter sentimental breeding and eugenics.

If the reader is wondering, How could this be possible? LDS are absolute moralists! Go back and reread the second paragraph above, rank and file LDs absolute moralists and this macabre organization’s character shield.

These are among the weak minded of society who by virtue of their simple mindedness believe whatever they are told without vetting the source material for reality and the consequence of which they are used to convey a false image of this organization’s purpose.

When you get down to it, when you take the closer look, one begins to see how serial predators like Thomas Monson could get away with perping Natalee Holloway and Robyn Gardner, both Rome temple build commemorative, rank and file none the wiser, because they are both unwilling to perceive reality and consider their role is actually to shield monsters such as this from accountability for their federally protected kidnappings.

This works beautifully for the internationally syndicated Masons but is a complete violation of common law and process of justice, the latter falsely believe to be the hallmark of our constitutional republic.

These fraternal organizations, and this researcher is saying the LDS church is a fraternal organization, are criminal in the worse sense of the word. Like it or not, Scottish Rite and LDS elite are predators with kill rates far in excess of any serial killer of record.

Two recent abductions in Los Angeles, Gabriela Calzada and Gabriela Gallegos (25 October 2015) were determined via independent research to have been commemorative on public appearances of two notorious criminal politicians Americans
are enamored with.

The impressionability of a public this pathological with leadership is a testament to a DNA intelligence pool either self willing destructive or just too stupid to survive.

Good God, Sheriff John McMahon’s involvement in the Corinna Novis (1986) and Sylvia Marie Flores (2013) abductions was so apparent that for the public to have never questioned the official report throws humanity in this region into question.

San Bernardino county residents are much the zombie population described in Mark Dice’s work via his Man on the Corner. Are stupid or zombie descriptive enough terms to cover this?

This is unnecessarily complicated by public gullibility, reliance on poor sources of information like the (black) Sun Telegram, and insouciance, the net effect of which formulates the local citizen better characterized schizoaffective and mind split, the public thus regarded little better that a herd animal, and the consequence of which is life on a farm.

Americans and people in the mainstream everywhere have a predisposition for ignorance, and they seem to love this state of mind in abeyance of their ability to reason which they regard as the antithesis of the fantasy bubble they have created around themselves.

The elite know this, and they exploit it, immortal Americans in particular probably the self-willing dumbest society on the planet, San Bernardino no exception.


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